There are untold blessings that are enjoyed by almost every man and woman. If this fact were not so often lost sight of, people would never become victims of negative thinking or take to constantly complaining. In their thinking, they would always be positive and positive thinking is undoubtedly the source of all kinds of good things.
Medical records show that there are no less than seventy-eight organs in every human body. All these organs work in perfect coordination. This is why man is able to perform his innumerable activities so smoothly. If one or more organs were to fail, untrammelled living for human beings would become almost impossible. Moreover, these organs of the human body function automatically and unflaggingly. If these organs had to be operated in the way that a machine has to be, then man would never have been able to do any other work. He would be too busy making all these organs function.
This realization makes us conscious of two very great things. Firstly, that here there is a beneficent Creator. Hence, a strong affection is produced within each individual for his Creator and he will feel eternal gratitude towards Him. Secondly, the realization of being endowed with such great blessings will make a person a positive thinker in the complete sense of the word. Thus, he will become a healthy member of society.