To walk in His way is to forget one’s being, and merge in Him. There were many who sat down in meditation to achieve this end. There were yet others who lit fires around their place of prayer, and some sat on glaciers, and immersed their body in cold streams, in attempts to find and become one with the One. But the more they meditated, their ego made them more aware of their “greatness”, and so instead of merging in Him, they became more distant. One way of avoiding this trap is to serve the Teacher with love and surrender.

Bhai Manjh came to Guru Arjan Dev and requested to be made a sikh, or one who follows the teaching. The Guru told him that this was easier said than done:

The follower’s path is sharper than a double-edged sword, And finer than a strand of hair.

Staying in the service of the Guru, Bhai Manjh stayed at the gurudwara, and spent his days in the service of the congregation. He had no money, and soon his family left him too. The Guru asked him of what use was his devotion, for he had lost even his family. “I am satisfied to serve you and be in your presence,” Bhai Manjh replied. He would also collect firewood, for the earthen stoves at the community kitchen. One morning, he was carrying a large bundle of firewood on his head, and not being able to clearly see the way, fell into a well. It is said that the Guru ran barefoot to the well to rescue him. When thrown a rope to be pulled out, he insisted in sending out the firewood first, to ensure it remained dry for use in the community kitchen. In his love and devotion for his teacher, Bhai Manjh had indeed merged in Him. The Guru hugged him and said:

The Teacher and Manjh are now devoted to each other, Manjh is the Teacher’s ship, many devotees shall you take across.

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