What would you choose if you were asked to describe yourself to a group of people with just one word? In the book of Exodus, we read about God telling the people of Israel to make a tabernacle where God would dwell among them.
It was not that God would solely live in that place, but that it would be where people could meet God. One of the instructions God gave to the people was to make a mercy seat of pure gold, and it would be here that God would meet the people of Israel (Exodus 25). Here, a sacrifice was offered for breaking God’s law, and forgiveness could be received.
As we approach the month of December, people worldwide will be getting ready to celebrate Christmas. Why would we mention Christmas in the context of the tabernacle and mercy seat? We would do so because Lord Jesus came to dwell with us; He is Emmanuel, God with us (John 1). Jesus came to be our mercy seat. He knew that we could not save ourselves, so He came to this world, lived sinlessly, willingly died in our place, rose again from the dead, and became the source of our forgiveness.
Often we forget that we serve a merciful God. When we face our wayward life, we may get consumed with guilt and feel too ashamed to go to God and confess our sins to Him.
However, we must run to God because He is merciful! He came to this world so that we could receive His mercy. Next time you feel like there’s no way you can go before God, remember that God is merciful. He gives us our identity as children of God, loved by Him, born into the family of God. As we prepare to celebrate Christmas, the coming of God into this world, let praise and thanksgiving rise from our life for Jesus, God’s gift, to grant us eternal life.