Mary has struggled through with the surge of self-doubt and insecurity. Yet, she found enduring joy in surrendering to Christ, the source of all life. Thus, gaining confidence and freedom. As pandemic rages, Mary’s story of victory over bouts of despair inspires many who pass through seemingly dark tunnels. She narrates how the light of Jesus dispels the clouds of despair.
‘Our conversations rotate around fear of testing coronavirus positive. After all, look, even many doctors have died. The television visuals hurl in our direction fires of mass cremations, grieving orphan and widows. The pull is to withdraw and question, Is human life worthless?
The once feel-good attitude gives way to anxiety and self-pity. The desire to transform oneself into a picture of allure, the culture applauds, with a veneer of confidence, seem shattered. Didn’t our teachers and commercials hook us to “look inside and discover all the beauty you possess within!” to find a solution for insecurities? Yet, looking inside surfaces our past mistakes, and the secret past may haunt us! Transformation begins when the self-fades into the background and becomes consumed with Jesus Christ. Then our insecurities will melt away.
The decisive step is to exchange self-confidence with Christ-confidence. Refuse the insecurities to control your life. Now we no longer look inside but to God, the source of freedom, hope, and confidence. True freedom does not come through self-realization but through self-denial. Jesus rose from the dead with a glorious body, and because Jesus rose, we too will have a glorious body. So, Apostle Paul said, “For me to live is Christ and die is gain” (Phil. 1:21). Even amid pain and grief, Christ, our anchor, holds us.
God’s love for His children is unfathomable. So, let’s not become distracted by trying to build up your self-confidence. Instead, turn our life wholly to Christ, and cling to Him. And let Jesus’ divine radiance come cascading through us. The world in distress needs you. Become a channel to bless others as you overcome insecurities in Christ Jesus.