A foreign country is planning to use a nuclear bomb to wipe out not only New Delhi, the capital of India, but also large parts of northern India. Fortunately) , India has received advance information and is in a position to not just foil the attack, but also deliver a telling blow to the rogue country. How was this possible? Through psychic spies who, using their paranormal powers, kept crucial details of enemy planning at every stage flowing to the authorities who were “controlling” them. Does that sound far fetched? This imaginary scenario and other similar ones may not sound that farfetched in the near future.

As mentioned in the last column, for over 20 years, scientists at Stanford Research Institute or SRI in the United States, carried out secret investigations into ESP and psychic phenomena. The research was supported by the CIA, NASA and many other government agencies for gathering intelligence about world-wide targets in China, USSR, Iran, etc. during the Cold War. And investigative journalist Annie Jacobsen contends that though the project was ended officially, it continues under another name—Anomalous Mental Cognition, a $3.9 million program founded in 2014 to investigate the existence of precognition.

In her book, Phenomena: The Secret History of the U.S. Government’s Investigations Into Extrasensory Perception and Psychokinesis, Jacobsen says:  “Both the Soviet Union and the U.S. government pointed to the others’ research into mind control, counter mind control, and psychic phenomena in general, as justification for their research. There were stories of Americans putting telepaths on nuclear submarines, of Soviet mind control rays, and a Russian psychic so powerful she could stop the heart of a frog with only her mind. With each new rumor, some based on actual experiments, others little more than disinformation campaigns, the psychic arms race picked up speed.”

In 2010, Cornell University’s Daryl Bem finished a study on precognition or knowing things that will happen before they do. His research ultimately affirmed that it is a real, scientific phenomenon. Over the years, my own interactive experiences with individuals who possess paranormal powers have confirmed that precognition or knowing things that will happen before they do is very much a reality, and it’s not the only fascinating reality. In Dehra Dun, which is currently the capital of Uttarakhand, Subhe Ram  about whom I’ve written time and again, lived in suburban Raipur in a humble dwelling. But his powers were far from humble. Subhe Ram possessed an extraordinary power which culminated in paranormal encounters of a very special kind. He could bring to life amazing real life scenes from the past and the present on a child’s nail—in full colour, but without any sounds.

Fortunately, Subhe Ram, without putting me through the ordeal of too rigorous a training, assigning me initially to do “readings” from the nail.  There was, for instance, this time when a machine gun had gone missing from an Army camp. The Commanding Officer sought my help in “reading” from the nail, and I was able to see and narrate the sequence of events, which enabled the Army authorities concerned to not just recover the weapon, but scotch a bigger plot as well.

Another time, the “nail screen” provided information to the CBI in a very sensitive case. Robberies were solved and people traced through the scenes which were reenacted on the nail screen. The methods of other practitioners vary, with some using a large peepal leaf to serve as a screen, others using a small looking glass while still others used a steel plate and one even used the screen of an old TV set. But the conditions and purpose never vary. For example, till old age caught up with him, Subhe Ram helped only “genuine cases”, which meant he wouldn’t bring his paranormal powers into play unless you had a very real problem.  Like several other mystics I have met, he was a living example of how paranormal powers can be utilised for very positive purposes in a practical manner.

It sounds amazing, but I’ve found individuals with remarkable paranormal powers across the length and breadth of India, from the snowy heights of Uri in Kashmir to Land’s End—the shores of the Indian Ocean at Kanyakumari; from  the sandy wastes of the Thar desert to the lush green jungles of the Northeast. It isn’t, though, that individuals like Subhe Ram are a dime a dozen. They’re relatively rare, but the fact that the same mystical practice can be found in such different, distant parts of India is an important  indicator of  a deeper  meaning and connotations that are paranormal. Amongst their mystical powers was one which enabled them to tell you what a person thousands of kilometers away was doing at that particular time.

Incidentally,  a forested area near a well known five star hotel in New Delhi is inhabited by several “jinns” and “jannats” or supernatural beings who are ready to carry out a host of tasks such as gathering or getting information from a distance, for a price of their asking, of course. While were were sitting one day with a green robed Sufi in New Delhi, somebody with a major problem arrived and began narrating the details. He didn’t know a few, like the court room number of the judge who was hearing his case. “Mahatjinn, go to the High Court and find out the room number of Judge so and so”, the Sufi ordered his jinn , who lived in—mind boggling though it may sound—a small pan masala tin. Mahatjinn was back in seconds with the information. Jinns, janaats and other spirits are also used to deliver messages.

Gathering intelligence or information and delivering messages or passing on information are perhaps the most important aspects in warfare, combating terrorism and generally thwarting or outwitting the enemy. Obviously, psychic intelligence or information gathering can go a long way not only in winning wars, whether against a country or terrorists, but also in promoting peace. In fact, instead of relying on a nuclear deterrent the world would be a far safer place if a psychic deterrent could be used instead. Aha, India or such and such country, has a strong network of exceptional pychics—stronger than spy satellites in space, planning a strike against them is pointless. Perhaps the research into the paranormal being carried out and funded by some of the world’s most powerful countries is not so bizarre after all.