When there are shootings, burnings, rapes and plunder, people wonder whether there is a God and if there is one then how come he lets cruel deeds happen? “Swamiji, I don’t believe in such a God” said a youngster to Swami Chinmayananda. “Even I don’t believe in such a God!”said Swamiji. In fact such deeds are committed by those among us who ignore God. Such ungodly thoughts and deeds belong only to the selfish,arrogant,lustful and violent people.

Criminals are not God-created but created by wrong upbringing by parents and society. God created only innocent babies. When as small children they first commit childish pranks like stealing flowers from someone’s garden, we brush it aside as “mischief by children”, instead of making them apologise and return the flowers and telling them that it is wrong and not done.

Faulty parenting in childhood creates uncivilised youngsters that steal library books, shop-lift, break street lights and burn cars and buses! Our faulty system still forgives them as “misguided youth” and no police action is allowed. Such youngsters are now criminals. Where does God come in? In fact he is brushed aside and ignored.

“Swamiji, it is said that nothing moves if God doesn’t move it, so? Is He not to blame?”, asked the youngster again. “Oh yes,” was the quick reply, “as much as you can blame the petrol in the car when you make an accident or reward petrol if you reach your destination safely.”

God supplies you with the power and intelligence to bloom or doom yourself. The choice is yours. Parents and parent figures, (teachers included) are responsible for the tragedies of the society and the nation. Why blame God?

Prarthna Saran, President Chinmaya Mission Delhi.

Email: prarthnasaran@gmail.com

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