Leaders often savour the aroma of their strongman image which keeps people in fear of them. However, history witnesses that both in dictatorial and democratic societies such leaders are brought down by people.

Pride is a state of mind and a condition of the heart in which a person replaces the rule of God over his life with the rule of his own will. Instead of depending on God, as was God’s design, a proud heart looks to itself to decide what is good and evil. This was exactly the folly of Adam and Eve when they determined to disobey God to become like God.  Pride is a vice which is easier to see in others, but harder to see in ourselves!

The wise king Solomon said, “There are six things that the Lord hates, seven that are an abomination to him.” And heading up the list of these seven deadly sins is “haughty eyes” (Pro. 6:16-17). Haughty eyes are an arrogant man’s windows to the world. From the lofty pedestal of his own superiority, he uses them to look down upon others. The proud person is more concerned about reflecting his beauty instead of focusing on reflecting the beauty of Christ.

Instead of harbouring thoughts of love to others, the proud man harbours judgment and bitterness. Instead of expressing kindness and compassion, he expresses disparagement. He is convinced of his superiority in achievement, intellect, morality, or spirituality. He is self-obsessed.

Pride is first an attitude of independence from God. In Psalm 10, David declares that pride is practical atheism (Psalm 10:4). James declares that God acts in special favor toward those who are humble, but in fierce judgment against those who are proud. “God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble” (James 4:6). The proud person faces the fury of God’s just wrath. Though pride is sin it can be forgiven when a person turns to God in repentance and calls upon His mercy and grace.

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