Old European pubs and taverns hung a picture of TWO drunkards, drink in hand, with the caption ‘We Three’. The third being the one looking at the picture. This was ironically suggestive of the fact that drunk or not, our own perception is the only reality each one recognises, regardless of its existence. Carl Jung, a twentieth century psychology master says, that it is only a childish mind that believes as true what it perceives. Corroborating the same, Sir Eddington, a modern day astrophysicist says ,that solidity is man’s biggest illusion. So….? We project ‘our view’ of the world of situations, things and beings ,according to our conscious mind, which in itself is only 1/9th of the total mind. Desire and attachment to objects emotions and thoughts creates our joys and sorrows, and our willing slavery to them. Abstractions like love and fame grip us like bees, they have honey, a song , a sting and also wings!
The Reality of your laboriously developed personality is only thoughts. Who is the real you? You can only describe yourself in terms of adjectival phrases, ( upadhies). ‘Your’ name, ‘your’ address, education , father’s name, achievements, are not YOU. They all describe ‘ your ‘ body’ which ‘belongs’ to you. Can you describe the body without using pronouns of belonging? ‘My’ eyes, ‘my’ legs, ‘my’ heart, ‘my’ mind. But, who are you? When the first unit ‘X’ is unknown, then how does one calculate or determine all that relates to the Unknown ‘X’? Your likes and dislikes lend a body of reality to your world. You manufacture your joys and sorrows with the thoughts you choose to harbour. An intelligent, skilled and alert navigation of the mind is what one needs to master. Control, or be controlled.
Prarthna Saran, President Chinmaya Mission Delhi, can be contacted at prarthnasaran@gmail.com