Success means different things to different people. When we achieve society’s idea of success, we feel we are successful. Mostly people live their whole lives proving to the society around , that they have achieved what people term as success. One struggles ,toils and neglects the very ones that one is struggling for!

Tension in any endeavour is the result of panting to be what people ‘think’ you should be. The moment you drop the anxiety for their approval, tension drops and the ride becomes enjoyable. We play a game because we love to play. Loss or victory , but the game gave joy. A true sportsman claps his hands and congratulates his opponent ,saying, “well played “ when the opponent delivers the master shot that decided the victory. With this spirit of admiring excellence anywhere, we need to play the game of life. Life would be boring without a challenge or competition. Take up every challenge to prove your worth to yourself and in doing so enjoy the exertion and the tension in each muscle as it races and strives towards success.

Children run because they enjoy running. A musician sings , a painter paints, a dancer dances because he enjoys it .Immersed in the great joy of creativity the creator forgets to eat and drink, let alone worrying about success.

When one’s whole being is striving for perfection, when each limb of the runner is aching to do his best, the complete meditational focus itself is the trophy.

The result of effort , if taken with ‘ Prasad buddhi’ ( grateful acceptance of the Lord’s dispensation) becomes Prasad (that which gives peace and fulfilment).

When we know not all the causes , how then can we question the effects? Blessed is he who chooses to find his joy in achieving and not in the achieved .

Prarthna Saran, President Delhi Chinmaya Mission can be contacted at

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