You are mature when you learn to ’let go’ mentally. The warning announcement by the London Tube, “PLEASE MIND THE GAP “ , made me introspect, I thought how safe one would really be if one could mind the GAP between the body ,mind and me! Just consciously maintaining a distance and feeling safe in the wisdom that cozying up to the body is pain, and to the mind is misery. With the firm intellectual conclusion that one is not this lifeless bundle of carbon ,calcium and phosphorus, nor is one the appearing and disappearing dance of thoughts, so, let’s mind the GAP.. This distancing is not life-denying but life-enabling, because we thereby learn to celebrate life and it’s trophies all the more . This gap prevents the clutter of insignificant things, frees up space for relevant things allowing more elbow room, more joie -de-vivre ! It is not a seclusion from life, but an inclusion. It naturally weeds out trifles that darken the gardens of sun-lit joy. Thereafter one is not buffeted by the highs and lows of mental tides. One stands tall and firm as a light house, bestowing light on the very waves that lash it.
The gap matures you into dropping expectations, worries and tensions . You then hunger not for approval, nor beg for happiness from things and beings. You de clutch from the ‘wants’ of the Body and Mind. Attachments then fall off as ripe fruits from a tree, effortlessly.That individuality which you so dearly clutched, vanishes as a ghost from a post. Then one glides softly, a wing on an unstrung melody that cannot be ‘heard’. Away from words that ensnare you in a limited experience, you levitate to the lilt of an unsung, unworded poem, a cadence which is fugitive to the gross embrace of words.
Prarthna Saran, President Chinmaya Mission Delhi.