Diagnosis is the first step towards cure, but if there is a refusal by a patient to accept the truth and go in for treatment, the prognosis is dire. It is a sign of their credulity that international media dismissed the scientifically strong possibility of a lab leak at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) being responsible for the outbreak of SARS2. Rather than come forward with full and factual information on what has been happening in this facility, authorities in China have sought to deflect blame onto sources as diverse as fruits from Southeast Asia, military encampments in the US and frozen vegetables from indeterminate sources. From the start, the contention has been that nothing that could even remotely constitute a danger to human settlements was attempted by US, European and Chinese scientists who at some time or the other worked in the Wuhan institute or acted in collaboration with the scientists there. France has been a big benefactor of the Wuhan facility, although not on the scale of the US. Virologists and researchers in countries across Europe and the US are or were associated with the WIV and with other PRC facilities active in the field of research into bio specimens. Money has flowed in waterfall mode to such facilities, and members of the Atlantic Alliance need to examine the depth of support both financial and technical that was given to entities and individuals to a country that has made no secret of its ambition of dominating the Indo-Pacific as the primary power and assisting the Russian Federation to emerge as the primary power in the Atlantic. The lessons that can be gleaned from an examination of the missteps made by Prime Minister Chamberlain and his French counterpart Eduard Daladier in the 1930s are now getting repeated by their successors, with the Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, leading the chorus of voices that favour wholesale transfer of technologies and expertise to China while lecturing India on its responsibilities in the manner of a bossy schoolmistress. The jury is out on whether President Joe Biden will go by the advice of the scientific team he has surrounded himself with as well as intelligence community dinosaurs who remain fixated on Cold War 1 when the world has entered into Cold War 2. Some of the signs, such as the decision by Secretary of State Antony Blinken to shut down the probe into the origins of SARS2 that was launched by his predecessor Mike Pompeo, are not promising. With the exception of Anthony Fauci, who remains convinced that his counterparts in the PRC are as freewheeling and untethered as he himself has been even in the Trump administration, others connected with matters of public health in the Biden administration have distanced themselves from a decision that shows, at best, petty politics and at worst, a reckless disregard for the safety of the US people. From the start of the pandemic, this newspaper has asked for the freeing of bureaucratic restraints on the production of vaccines and therapeutics. It has called for compulsory licensing of items shown to be effective in the treatment of a disease that has devastated most parts of the world with the exception of China. It has welcomed the moves made since March by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to eliminate several of the regulatory and other system-created obstacles to the entry of more domestic companies that have the capability to develop and churn out in needed quantities therapeutics as well as vaccines. India is on the path to recovery because of the changes in policy made under the direction of PM Modi. Earlier, the PM had dismantled some of the Police Constable (PC) “Jail Bharo” regulations involving economic activity in fields such as GST, income-tax and company law. These made compliance a nightmare. The PM needs to take the star role at G-10 meeting to which he is an honoured and essential invitee. Modi needs to press for a Plan of Action that would bring together the G-10 in the defence of common values and sovereignty. This would ensure that the waters of the Indo-Pacific not be allowed to become the preserve of a single power but is free, open and inclusive, in the words of Modi at the Shangri-la dialogue. Simultaneously, at the accompanying Quad meeting, the PM needs to press not only for an Indo-Pacific Charter but for a comprehensive investigation into the origins of SARS2 that is freed of the shackles that have been tied around the WHO by influential voices, and which has made the world body not just an irrelevance but an obstacle to public health during a pandemic. Policy has changed from Look to Act. PM Modi needs to act in the Quad so as to ensure a better world that lives up to the national motto Satyameva Jayate. That lives up to the ancient Indian credo of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam. Not just India but the world awaits such a call by the PM.