IT honcho absolves Pakistan, while holding ‘eight people’ responsible for 26/11.


Shyam-turned-Sam Pitroda seems to have taken upon himself the onerous task of installing Rahul Gandhi in the prime ministerial gaddi. He believes he owes this to his “friend”, Rajiv Gandhi, who had rescued him from anonymity somewhere in the over-crowded NRI jumble of IT professionals for him to call himself the father of Indian IT revolution. Well, whether he is the father or distant uncle we will save it for some other day. Our immediate concern is his glowing tribute to the Indian armed forces!

Parroting the Congress line of questioning the post-Pulwama airstrikes deep inside the Pakistani territory, Sam in a tweet doubted if these killed anyone. For someone who claims to be a highly qualified professional he shows an utter lack of understanding about the dire message that was delivered to Pakistan in the sternest possible language when Indian warplanes flew deep into its territory. In fact, a mere hundred kilometres short of Islamabad. Why would an educated man like Pitroda insist on a body-count for Narendra Modi’s response to the jihadi attack on the CRPF bus to be reckoned as effective?

Whether 30 or 300 perished in the aerial strikes by the antiquated MIGs, a legacy of the scam-ridden Congress regimes, should be of no consequence to the intelligentsia which can see the significance of a deep breach of the enemy airspace as a greater provocation than killing a few innocent citizens of that country. But Pitroda, not unlike the ward he has taken in hand to shape into Prime Minister, now seems to deal in human bodies. He would play blind to the downing of a Pakistani F-16 by an ancient Soviet warplane and taunt Modi about the missing Pakistani corpses. In this exercise in evasion, foreign media are his allies. He cites them to undermine what was achieved in Balakot.

There are other flaws in our IT wizard’s foray into the domestic polemics. Now we will come to his take on the 26/11 attack. He has every right to glorify cowardice as statesmanship of the UPA leadership when it sat on its hands while jihadis butchered 160 of our citizens in our own home, but we should not allow his exoneration of Pakistan for that barbaric assault go uncontested. Read his tweet: “Eight people (26/11 terrorists) come and do something, you don’t jump on entire nation… I don’t believe in that way.”

Either he is foolish or it is his felt need to make light of the Balakot strikes which obliges him to rationalise the cowardice of the UPA. Pretending not to know who trained, armed, funded, and commanded from minute to minute that attack from the moment the jihadis landed by boat in Mumbai, ISI imprint was clearly visible to the entire world, but not to our Simple Sam. He suggests that it was the handiwork of eight autonomous people who somehow got into their heads to go and kill a few Indians just for fun—and they did. It is as simple as that. Why get hot under the collar, our IT honcho seems to ask us Indians.

Avenging the cold blooded murder of over 160 people, mere unknown unknowns in Pitroda’s book, was the least of Pitroda’s concerns. The new apostle of the turn-the-other-cheek philosophy would rather concentrate on undermining the tough but measured response of Narendra Modi to Pakistan’s repeated attacks against India and Indians.

And as for making Prime Minister out of Rahul Gandhi, what does he think it is like writing a new software code?


Now they have resurrected a diary which former Chief Minister of Karnataka, B.S. Yeddyurappa is supposed to have written about the payments allegedly made to various BJP leaders. The significant point is not that they were written by Yeddyurappa, if at all, but when they were written and why. Equally important is that the so-called diary was found with the Congress’ notorious moneyman in Karnataka, D. Shivkumar, when he was raided by the I-T authorities. Shivkumar tried to deflect the focus from his dirty money by planting loose sheets in which Yeddyurappa supposedly made those entries.

The BJP leadership had forced Yeddyurappa out of the Chief Minister’s Office following his indictment by the state Lokayukta—he has since been absolved by the High Court. A very angry Yeddy floated his own party and committed to wipe out BJP from the state. In that state of mind he may have made those entries to embarrass the party. It was his way of taking revenge. And a news magazine which normally trades in sensationalism flashed the diary entries as if these were gospel truth. No wonder the credibility of the media has plummeted for abandoning common sense in sifting between lies and facts.


It is not only the jihadis and their supporters in Kashmir who are anti-India. Even a large section of the local media can hardly be considered India-friendly. This is borne out by the public complaint of a senior police officer that “some people claiming to be journalists” are creating an environment to have him killed by militants. Why sections of the Kashmir media should single out this particular officer remains unclear, but there is no denying that the loyalty of quite a few journalists to this country remains suspect. So overpowering is the fear of jihadi terror, that even the so-called national dailies per force are obliged to hire “locals” for daily reportage. Their accounts of events in the Valley invariably reflect the separatist viewpoint. Small wonder then even senior Kashmir cops are worried about getting killed due to the shenanigans of local journalists.


Wonder why the younger brother had to grovel before his elder brother to produce some Rs 500 crore to stay out of jail when, according to Rahul Gandhi, he had received Rs 30,000 crore from Narendra Modi. Why? Unless he had deposited all of those Rs 30,000 crore in one of the secret foreign accounts of his accuser.


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  1. Excellent. To add to Congress blunders, Raga is desperately seeking a “SAFE” seat from Kerala. One could have understood Karnataka, given the factious ‘alliance’ there and the need to show some support from the top. But, KERALA ??? The voters in Kerala have their minds made up ages before any election. Raga’s dalliance with Wayanad, a mountainous and forest covered border district in the North East, is hardly likely to enthuse the STATE’S voters towards Congress. If his losing Amethi was a distinct possibility so far, NOW it is an absolute certainty. His sudden burst of anger on, and name calling of, Mamata shows his complete loss of confidence and hope. Now he is reduced to tilting at windmills. The BJP should be highly thankful to Congress for making its campaign easier. With enemies like Uncle Pitrodaji, the BJP does not need friends.

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