The fabled Trikoot mountain on which the megalomaniac Ravana had built his gem studded golden capital called Lanka, had three peaks. It was legendary that whoever lived on that mountain would be free from the three kinds of fear that beset man,ie. 1) Disease,2) Old age ,and 3) Death. The wise Ravana built his impregnable golden fortress on this holy mountain, assuring for himself and his tribe of demons a total security. Ironically, this very fearlessness caused him to remain unfazed, even when confronted with imminent death and sure destruction, thus inviting his own doom.
The Devi Bhagawat mentions Trikoot as a ‘ Peethsthan’ where Bhagawati Devi herself resides as ‘roopasundari ‘ The beauteous Devi lent the grace of form and colour unmatched to the flora and fauna of the lofty island. Myth has it that this mountain was created by Brahmaji himself, (Vidhi Niramit) According to the Vamana Purana, Trikoot was situated in the ksheer sagar, and was the peaceful abode of the Dev Rishies This milky white ocean is symbolic of the seeker’s pure mind in which alone can reside the Dev Rishies and Bhagawati.
The mountain was said to have the supernatural gift of becoming invisible to sinners and so they could never benefit thereby.The wily Ravana built his show piece of material wealth and power, his Lanka, on this sacred mountain, ensuring ultimate security and fearlessness, which alone became his undoing! Little did he understand that ‘seeing ‘ does not only stand for what the fleshy eyes register, but in scriptural parlance it means ‘true perception ‘of the Truth, which he lacked. Ravana’s selfish materialism barred him from the blessings of the mountain. Ravana thus defiled the Peethsthan (abode) of Bhagawati, causing the saviour mount to become instead the catalyst of doom, which till date is looked upon with dread and horror.
Prarthna Saran, President Chinmaya Mission New Delhi.