The exigencies of everyday life put strains on your mind and body. If the nervous system is in tension for long periods, your thoughts are digging an early grave for you. If you rest you rust , but the trick is to rest without rusting. The Geeta never advises one to shirk work, but then ,how to work tension free and enjoy work?When Arjuna panics and refuses to fight for his rights, Krishna counsels him to act, not by deserting the battle but by winning the battle! A balanced, cool and equipoised mind alone can succeed.:

“Yuddhasva vigata  jwara” says Krishna. Fight , but with no fever in the mind.

Hurried and worried executives put great strain on their nervous systems, making the vital functions of the body suffer. Good digestion and blood circulation depend on a strong nervous support. Swami Ramtirtha says, “If you want the weight of life to be borne easily by the horse of the nervous system, you ought to make the burden of thought lighter.” Worrying thoughts suck the sap of joy from life. Tulsidasji calls worry (chinta) a (Chita) ,the funeral pyre that slowly burns you up. Anxieties  for the results of action stiffen your limbs and tense your nerves. Act on, but renouncing fear for the result. “Try your best and leave the rest.” Your actions alone cannot order the result.

Deep breathing and then chanting a deep and sonorous OM as you exhale , till it hums itself into a cascading deep inner silence, helps tremendously in easing tensions and detoxifying the mind of nervous energy. Attuning to your true Self draw in positive energy as you inhale deeply, then expel all negativity from your mind with a cleansing exhalation as you chant OM. A restful peace slowly descends to refresh and recharge you.

Prarthna Saran, President Chinmaya Mission New Delhi.

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