Raju’s excitement knew no bounds when the truth of the Bible dawned upon him that he was the bearer of the image of God as are all men and women, and that he has royal dignity. In order to appreciate Raju’s excitement we need to understand that he had been a victim of caste discrimination. But because of his encounter with Christ he now walks confidently with his head held high.

Raju is careful to stay balanced. He warns the proud to reflect on the truth that they are but vessels made of clay and the poor to remember that those who intimidate them are also made from the same clay. Yet he also encourages the poor not to envy the rich, since they too are endowed with all the gifts of the divine image. At the same time he reminds the rich to act justly and uplift the poor.

Raju challenges society’s ideas of social hierarchy by stressing on the royal dignity of the poor, the homeless, the ill, the disabled and in fact all people. He has challenged caste discrimination within the church. Those who oppress and dominate forget that human beings are created to be free and interdependent.

Raju learns from his body as well. The body unites the material created world within itself, and joins it to God, since we are image bearers of God.

When humans fell in sin we were separated from the life of God. This is revealed in the brokenness of life and relationships which we witness everywhere. We failed to live in harmony with God, our neighbours, with ourselves and our non-human environment.

To restore us to right relationship God incarnated in the person of Christ in whom is a perfect union of divine and human. He reconciles us to God and one another. Our calling is to reflect God’s image and respect human dignity of all. We are called to love and serve one another. We have royal dignity.


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