Now, the spectral pattern of the galaxies was all found to be slightly shifted to the red side. Different stars emit light at different wavelengths.  If the stars were stationary, the light we receive would be in the same wavelength in which it was sent. But if the stars were moving away from us, the light would be stretched as it was sent— which means its wavelength would keep increasing—becoming red. If all galaxies were being shifted to the red, it meant that they were all moving away from us.

This meant that the universe was expanding— like how points marked on a balloon move further and further away from each other as the balloon grows in size.

Fourteen centuries ago, the following verse was revealed to Prophet Muhammed in the Quran: And it is We who have built the universe, with Our creative power; and truly, it is We who are steadily expanding it. (The Quran, 51: 47)

With the advances made in the field of science technology, the range of human observation and experiment have vastly increased, opening great vistas of knowledge about the universe. In all spheres of existence and in all disciplines of science, previously established concepts were proved wrong by later research and were discarded. This means no human work dating back 1500 years can claim total accuracy, because all ‘facts’ must now be re-evaluated in the light of recent information. But when one reads and understands the verses in the Quran related to the universe, one can observe that it is free of errors.

For a serious reader this can be an evidence of the Quran having had its source in an Omnipresent and Eternal Mind—One Which knows all facts in their true forms and Whose knowledge has not been conditioned by time and circumstances.