Hounded and lacerated the mind of man searches for an unknown peace that will bring about balmy quiet, a restful calm to his prayed nerves. Alas, in vain does he strive for power, money and status equating them with the elusive peace that he is searching.

No material object, person or relationship has the power to grant that peace. One has done enough of all that. The need now is to change the mental gear. If you continue to look for that prized peace in places that you have seen searching you will continue to get what you have been getting!

Think. A complete overhauling of your attitudes and goals in life will bring about a sea-change in you, making you discover delightfully that you have finally got hold of the secret map to the hidden treasure of peace. Then starts the treasure hunt. You understand with glee, that this oasis of peace is within you! This is the only water hole in the otherwise emotionally parched, and loveless desert of life!

So one begins the self-effort, where every moment you observe and regulate the unruly chaotic traffic of your thoughts. Improving drastically the quality and narrowing down the quantity of the rush of thoughts will, with practices, achieve a sanctified calm. This unbulliedand unmolested condition of the mind is called a meditative mind.

Once the mind gets a taste of this peace, it is an addiction to bliss. Then to achieve this only for half an hour each evening or morning will not suffice. One has to carry that peace in one’s heart all day.

As Swami Chinmayananda said, “The path of true spiritual progress is meant for those heroic ones who can laugh, at that obstacles, worries and even failures.”

Prarthna Saran, President Chinmaya Mission New Delhi.

Email: prarthnasaran@gmail.com