Sabrina is a joyful person to be around. Her presence encourages everyone she interacts with. The secret of her lifestyle is her experience of the love of God. She revels in the fact that God loves her unconditionally and is a member of God’s family. She radiates the His joy because her fellowship is with the heavenly Father God and with others.
It’s a good thing to experience God’s love personally; however, the love of God must translate itself into reflecting the beauty and goodness of Christ through our life. Sabrina has allowed the love of God to transform her life and the way she conducts herself. True spirituality is not what a person claims to believe but what is visible to others as we live our faith. The fruit of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faith, gentleness, and self-control must be visible in the believer’s life.
We are compassionate and kind and forgive one another because we have experienced God’s forgiveness; we overcome fear by faith since the living God is our fortress.
Having tasted God’s love has transformed Sabrina’s life, evident in her interaction with others. She doesn’t forget that she is a member of the body of Christ. As children of God, we do not lead individualistic lives; we are interdependent and need grace from God and others to continue growing and flourishing. Sabrina has made it a point to listen to God and others before taking any decision. In her speech, Sabrina is very careful not to listen to gossip or spread gossip, for it does not build people and, if not restrained, destroys joyful community living.
We are called to listen to God’s word lest we drift away.
Let fidelity to God; a life of prayer and worship, inform and direct all other aspects of daily life. Let’s show the self-sacrificial love of Jesus Christ to all.