By 2045, humans will be able to live forever. The non-biological intelligence created in that year will reach a level that’s a billion times more powerful than all human intelligence today. That was Sean Martin, writing a couple of years ago in the UK Express and quoting Ray Kurzweil, Google’s Director of Engineering. Calico or the “California Life Company,” Google’s immortality project launched in 2013, aims to reverse the ageing process. Calico’s website declares: “We’re tackling ageing, one of life’s greatest mysteries. Calico is a research and development company whose mission is to harness advanced technologies to increase our understanding of the biology that controls lifespan…We are scientists from the fields of medicine, drug development, molecular biology, genetics, and computational biology…” Another huge project is being run by a Russian billionaire named Dmitry Itskov, which also aims to “solve immortality by the year 2045. Iskov’s plan involves building android bodies for humans, into which brains could be transferred, allowing them to live forever in the never-decaying robo-body…”

But not everybody is hopeful. Tom Emerick pointed out in The Health Care Blog that as we age we get infirmities ranging from dementia to cancer to vascular disease. Nothing can prevent aging. For millennia mankind has been on a futile search to prevent ageing. All around the globe from 400 BCE alchemists, from India to China to Europe, were seeking the elixir of life. The Fountain of Youth, also known as the water of life, was part of the search for the elixir of life. Curiously but ironically, it is those who are no longer alive who seem to be ageless. Essentially, from all available indications, spirits seem to be ageless. There have been many cases of spirits who have stayed with a family generation after generation, with each generation giving the same description of the apparition, right down to the minutest detail.

The “youth and age” pattern in ghosts seems to point at four things. One, if you die young, you seem to reappear in an older form. Two, if you die old, you seem to reappear in a younger form. Thirdly, both young and old, when they re-appear, seem to be in the twenty to thirty age group. Fourthly, no matter what the age at which they died, they can also appear just as they were when they died. Why is this so and how does it happen?

Some of the reasons are too complex to explain in a limited column space, with several matter, ether, and other metaphysical elements being involved, but here are the more easily presentable ones. As I’ve written earlier, according to spirit contacts, the concept of age in physical terms, such as wrinkles on the face, stooping of the figure, loss of teeth, eyesight, etc., can occur only in a physical state, i.e. the body. A soul doesn’t age in that respect and once the soul leaves the body after death, all vestiges of old age as we know it drop away. Youth is a vibrant stage and it is that vibrancy which surrounds a spirit when other mortals view it after death. Apart from this, the moment a soul leaves the body—often after occupying it for a long span of time—changes begin to take place.

Yet spirits seem to grow in age as well, because there have been instances of mothers being visited by children who had died at a tender age, and they didn’t recognise them ten or fifteen years later because they were in a grown-up form until the particular child reminded them of specific incidents or marks. “I was born with a cleft lip, remember,” a daughter reminded her mother when she appeared before her in a spirit state seven years later. When the mother imagined her as she would have been seven years later, she was able to recognise her easily. Spirits also have the ability to shape themselves into the form they were in when they died.

A common feature of all accounts is that if a person dies at an old age, after death the person invariably returns to a younger state—somewhere between the twenties and thirties—and there is a particular glow surrounding that person. When my father visited me two days after his death, there was a wonderful glow surrounding him and the process of becoming youthful was already in an advanced stage. In some cases, the transformation from old to young has been recorded to be amazingly fast, as for instance, in the case of the late Hiren Gupta. A retired United Nations official, Hiren Gupta died in India. And his brother, who lived in England, saw him in his house just a short while later, but it was a much younger version of Hiren Gupta that he saw.

There are also many cases where spirits have been able to disguise themselves in a beautiful form to lure away somebody or for some other design, but that is another intriguing albeit distinctly separate dimension. Before loved ones, a departed soul will always appear in its true earth form. People who were very positive personalities when they were alive always appear in a more distinct, solid form, while the impressions of those who had weaker personalities make weaker impressions. But what about spirits who seem to be “constant”—always seen in the same form and shape and of the same age by successive generations? Curiously, they have become “frozen” in that state—some out of choice but mostly because something remained inadequate during their transition time from the body. In most cases, even if they want to, they do not have the power to change their form. Significantly, deformities are rarely visible in spirit forms. Instead, there is a certain glow and beauty. However, when requested, a spirit can appear with its earth life deformity. Once again, the reason behind this is that deformities are physical afflictions, and not a part of the spirit state.

When gathering the ethereal material around itself and manifesting itself in an imprint of its physical earth state, harmony is maintained. Deformities, disharmony, dissonance are, it would seem, conditions which apply to the earth and not to the astral world. Even children with deformities who die young generally re-appear in a “whole” state. These then, are some of the simpler insights into another world—a world where each living being is destined to go one day. More important, these are insights which might, if investigated and pursued with an open mind, provide some valuable clues to the Google backed Calico and the Russian billionaire Dmitry Itskov in their ambitious quest to make youth and life last forever for whoever so desires.

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