Once a poor villager had to carry water daily from a  distant well  right upto his far away home. For this he used an old contraption by tying two water filled mud pots to the ends of a bamboo pole and slinging it across his shoulders for balance.

One mud pot would reach the home half empty always while the other reached full. The half pot became sad and jealous of the other, he started brooding and complaining of his lot.

He also found that he was slightly cracked and the water used to slowly leak along the path.

His other companion felt sorry for him, so the next day he showed him how on the side of the footpath that the cracked pot travelled there was beautiful green grass and vivid coloured blossoms dancing in the sun, but on the full pot side of the path there was just dry dust.

So, while one pot was rich with water , the half filled one had caused beauty to spring and blossom in the path of others with his shared wealth.

So then, he became happy in being who he was, and happily let others be who they were.

Living like a cracked pot is not only about sharing, but being joyful in the understanding that you and your surroundings are a part  of an intelligent design of a master planner.

Therefore, rather than hoarding wealth or storing hurt, anger, emotions thoughts, even love, allow them to empty themselves into productive channels blessing all.

Swami Chinmayanandaji said,” In every tragedy there lies a blessing secretly hidden.”

Search and discover it in time. Be the smart, smiling, positive and poised cracked pot. Live not as a weeping crackpot!

Prarthna Saran, President Chinmaya Mission New Delhi.

Email: prarthnasaran@gmail.com


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