Now with the Pajee comfortably ensconced on the throne, the humbled yet arrogant king repeated his first question, “Where does God sit?” Anticipating that the king and his courtiers would only understand through practical examples the Pajee asked for a cow and some milk to be brought. “ Where does the milk in the cow sit?” Asked the Pajee. “In the udders” was the obvious reply. “Wrong” said the Pajee. “The milk is in the entire body of the cow but you have to milk the udders for it.” Then the Pajee asked, “Do you agree that this milk has butter?” “Yes sure”. they affirmed, “ Where is the butter? Can you see it? If you say that there is butter in the milk and you believe it ,then show it to me .”
There was silence. The Pajee then continued, “It pervades the whole milk but you have to churn the milk for long to see the butter appear. Similarly ,churn your bosom ,deeply introspect to see God. churn your mind with deep questions regarding your individuality,and your temporary existence.
There was silence as the courtiers had been preaching to the king of a God who lived in the seventh heaven.
Then the king questioned: “ In which direction does God face?” The Pajee asked for a lit candle to be brought. Placing it in the centre of the room he asked” Look now , can you tell me which direction the light faces? Isn’t the light facing all directions, even up and down?” God was all pervading as this light, and therefore light is considered as holy and worshipped as a symbol of that superpower who makes perception possible. The light that illumines the world of the senses and the mind and intellect. The king was satisfied, but not defeated.
To be continued…
Prarthana Saran, President Chinmaya Mission Delhi.
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