When the mind continuously runs for happiness, then how come you are continuously unhappy? You are rich but unhappy, materially successful but unhappy, very powerful but unhappy! Why? If you are all the above and yet into depression, then can you call it success? Or, have you been blindly chasing someone else’s idea of success? Mostly it is the case of the wild horse galloping speedily into some direction of its own choice with the rider (you) clinging helplessly to its neck! The horse knows it’s chosen destination, the rider doesn’t! Then the fall (depression) happens, and in full public view! Is that ‘Success ‘? Your mind decides what you should strive for, based on earlier memories of your experiences. This is the raw material of the mind. Understand the mind, study it, school it, harness it and then ride it intelligently and effortlessly.

If the mind is our vehicle, then isn’t it imperative that we control the steering, the accelerator and the brakes? The Geeta says that the mind can be your true friend yet also can be your ruthless enemy, depending on who is controlling whom!

If you are so smart, then why aren’t you happy? One cannot remain without thinking. It is the nature of the mind, but it is the texture, objective and purpose of thoughts that determine peace and happiness. If the mind is full of hate, jealousy, violence and passion, then you suffer. Divinisation of thought texture will bring in its wake selfless service to society and peace, love and happiness to you and those that surround you. Thoughts are desires in their subtlest form. Desire is not wrong, but know what to desire. Desire the permanence of peace beauty love and happiness and pray to the Lord to bless you with a sea change of sublime and noble thoughts. Take care of your thoughts and the rest will happen beautifully!

Prarthna Saran, President Chinmaya Mission Delhi.

Email: prarthnasaran@gmail.com