“Oh Guru”, pleaded the desperate student, ,grant me that power which will enable me to fulfil all my desires.”

“Tathastu”, (so be it) said his compassionate guru. Suddenly there appeared a Djinn as if by magic. “This djinn will be your faithful Servant and will fulfill all your desires on command.” The student went home happily. Just  to test it out, he clapped his hands, lo and behold ,the djinn appeared, “yes my master, command me”. “Build me the most fantastic palace “commanded the master. The djinn saluted and vanished, but was back in five minutes.” It is ready master!” Delighted, the man said” Bring to me the most charming young woman.”

“As you wish” and the Djinn vanished, only to return in a few minutes, with the most beautiful woman. Then the man asked for money, then for gold, then for chariots, then sons, daughters, more palaces, more wealth. Soon he could think of nothing any more, but the Djinn insisted on being ordered. He was ever restless. “Desire quickly and make me work, or I shall eat you up.” The desperate student again ran to his teacher, fell at his feet and pleaded, “Save me oh Guru! from this Djinn.”The teacher smiled and said. “Use him only for your needs not greed, and then tell him to keep climbing up and down a pole, till you need him again.”

“The mind is the djinn that runs wildly and endlessly to fulfil your desires , but when it is left idle it starts consuming its own master! The repetitive climbing up and down the pole is the repetition of the Lord ‘s name by the chanting of the mantra.” Thus the guru taught the student the secret of gaining the mastery, and the control of the wayward mind.

Chant the mantra and harness the mind. Prarthna Saran, President Chinmaya Mission New Delhi.

Email: prarthnasaran@gmail.com

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