Some parents feel, out of love, that since their daughter shall have to do household chores after marriage in her new home, they exempt her from doing any work at home.
And so when the daughter eventually does marry, she is not accustomed to taking care of her new house or taking up new responsibilities. This kind of love is not true love.
Such parents usually start preparing for their daughter ’s dowry right after she is born. In most cases this dowry is not put to any good use, and just becomes a means of temporary display.
The dowry does not, in any way help the daughter to establish her life in her new home. Dowry has nothing to do with the role the daughter has to play in her in-law’s house.
The real task of the parents should be to prepare their daughter for the future, not just prepare her dowry. She should be given an education, and proper training in social etiquette, so that she has the wisdom and fortitude to make her life a success.
Pampering, a part of the culture in many homes, is expressed in many ways. Parents tend to pamper their children by trying to fulfil
all their desires. They often ignore the faults of their children, hoping that they will outgrow them.
Where things go wrong they mostly hold their children innocent and lay the blame on others. Some pamper their children at the cost of their health, in giving in to all their fancies about food and drinks, and in how they dress too.
Demonstrating one’s love in these ways is not commendable, for, as a result of this, children are not aware of the realities of life, and grow up spoilt.