Someone whose faith depended on witnessing a miracle, questioned Swami Chinmayanandaji, “Can you show me a miracle?”

“Don’t you see miracles all around?”replied Swamiji, adding, “the very fact that this bag of carbon, calcium, phosphorus can walk, talk, eat and act so intelligently, isn’t this a miracle!”

Frankly, any living organism or being is an amazing miracle! Mothers proudly proclaim “my child”, but she cannot create a single limb of his body, no, not even a single vein or an eye.

The Lord uses our bodies to express His design. Think. Am I making my heart or pulse to beat? Who breathes for you in deep sleep? Who digests your indiscriminately eaten food while you sleep, turning it into iron, calcium, blood, energy and vitamins, and deposits them where your body requires them? Is not all this a miracle beyond human reach?

You planted the seed, but who made the seed? The miracle factor is the potentiality in the seed, the mud, the sun the water and air that help it to burst into a sapling, then slowly a tree,a flower and then a fruit! From where come the colours, the shape and the enchanting fragrance of flowers, and the juice , taste and nutrition in the fruits? Arising from mud alone. Isn’t  it miraculous?

We speed through life in constant haste, while a pause in our rushing thoughts can easily sooth and embalm the mind empowering it to comprehend miracles.

Experience the charm of silence. Reveal to yourself the wonder of a watchful calm. Savour the beauty , the ease of gliding into what Ramana Maharshi calls a “recollected life”.

A pause in the thought chain is life reclaimed. Momentarily suspend the “I” and you shall gain the “eye” to witness His miracles.

Prarthna Saran, President Chinmaya Mission New Delhi.


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