There was a young professional working for a multi national company. He brought a packed lunch with him everyday to work. Yet , daily when he opened the lunch box he complained: “Oh dear me! The same old sandwiches. Even the sandwich filling is the same. Why can’t it be a bit more imaginative? The same old pesto sauce, cheese and tomato!” His colleagues soon got tired of the daily grumble. One day they just couldn, ’t wait and advised him. .” Listen good chap, why complain in office.? Why don’t you just tell your wife, mother, house help or cook whosoever makes it, that you would like a change often and that they could do a job to your liking?” The man was quiet. So they continued, “who makes your daily sandwich?” The man looked up from his lunch box and said” the whole problem is, that I myself make it!!” Funny , isn’t it? Even absurd!” But think about it……it is we ourselves that determine the quality of our life’s sandwich by choosing the ingredients of our own mental meal daily!
The ingredients of our sandwich are our own thoughts. The quality of the chosen thoughts determines the quality of your life. The same ingredients will get you the same sandwich .You choose to see violence, corruption, crime serials on Tv and read the same in newspapers. So, you have already chosen the ingredients for your sandwich, then when the mental lunch box presents the same to you ,you hold your head and complain!you choose to hear gossip and your sandwich of life will taste of gossip! Be extremely choosy . Happy thoughts, loving thoughts, beautiful thoughts will make the sandwich ah! So beautiful! Life beckons with great love, but who has time for beautiful life? We are so occupied in planning how to live luxuriously , not happily!
Prarthna Saran President Chinmaya mission Delhi.
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