Behlol was a Sufi master—the master of masters. The world discovered him when he gave up a usual life, and was overtaken by junoon for Him. Those who walk in His trance cannot be classified as ordinary:

The devotees’ lifestyle is unique and distinct;

they follow the most difficult path!

Behol walked the streets as a person of unstable mind. His deep wisdom could therefore take liberties that ordinary citizens could not do. Once he was sitting in the graveyard, stick in hand, poking at the earth. The king was passing by, and asked Behol why he was sitting in the grave yard.

“I have good friends here”, Behlol replied, “because they do not back bite”. And why was he poking the ground? “I am trying to poke and find out if the skulls belong to kings or beggars, but they are all the same!”

But why the stick, he was asked. “Just measuring,” said Behlol, “and I find that it will it will be the same measure of ground for all. Three stick lengths for me and my poverty, but the same for you despite your pomp and wealth!”

Such simplicity, backed by immense wisdom, can only come from those He chooses to bless with His grace, for they understand that if we try to be clever by learning, there is too much to learn; the more we know, the more we will realize that there is still more to know.

By thinking and meditating, He cannot be reduced to thought alone, even if we think a million times. Not by remaining silent, and trying to be absorbed in Him, for even then inner silence will not be attained. Try hundreds upon hundreds of clever tricks, and not one shall be of use at the end.

And so the question is asked again and again: how will I find the One Truth? And again and again, the Guru Granth Sahib gives the same answer:

Surrender, and walk in the way of His will.


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