From the time of the first Guru, they taught about the oneness of all creation as a fundamental premise of the spiritual basis of humanity, referring to human being as atamshahzada — the one who is a child of Consciousness and also its prince, who has the capability of being its emperor. The true home is inside us, and while we may continue with rituals and pilgrimages, our redemption lay in knowing our true selves. But jealousy and greed are not easy emotions to let go. When Arjan Dev was ordained as the fifth Guru, his elder brother Prithi Chand became very angry, since he wanted to be the Guru instead.
He mistakenly thought that being a teacher was all about power, and have people bow to you. When Guru Arjan Dev saw continued animosity in the eyes of Prithi Chand, he withdrew from the city of Goindwal, and went on a tour of the surrounding areas.
On his tours, Guru Arjan Dev founded a new town named Kartarpur, near Jallandhar, and had a well dug up for water supply. It was named Ganga Sagar, which means the Ocean of the Ganga. One of his devotees, named Baisakhi, was on his way to the river Ganga at Haridwar. The Guru asked him to fill his container with water from the well instead. All waters belong to Him, the Guru advised, but Baisakhi was adamant.When he returned after some time, he told the Guru that he was very sad because his personal and special container for Ganga water was washed away in the river. Guru Arjan Dev asked him again to take water from Ganga Sagar. When Baisakhi pulled up a bucket of water from the well, his long lost personal container was floating in it. “Do not be surprised,” the Guru said, “you went to the well with faith. The Ganga of consciousness is inside you, the place of real pilgrimage.”