There are many factors going against the Democrats in the US elections. The biggest of all is the public perception. The public perception of the majority of Americans is that Democrats are obstructionists. Despite the liberal control of popular media, Americans are increasingly getting disillusioned by the Democrats. A perception is building that the “Do Nothing” Democrats want position and power at the cost of taxpayer money. Nearly all the cities managed by the Democrats are dirty, falling almost below the standards of third world countries. San Francisco has an unliveable downtown owing to precarious homeless communities. Taxes in most Democrat controlled states are some of the highest in the country. California is leading the nation in high taxes. Gasoline prices in California are nearly twice as high as in Texas. The cost of living in Democrat controlled states is skyrocketing. The only people benefiting in Democrat controlled states are government officials and unions. There is a gross mismanagement of federal aid and even the state’s own funds.

On the political front, the Democrats have been perceived to be unpatriotic to the US. Socialism has been rising amongst Democrats because of the import of leftist leaning ideologies. Democrats originally attained success with their world view and a support to Unions during the mass production era of Great Depression. Their policies brought a lot of labour reforms that actually helped the worker. With the advent of globalization in the 1990s and the rise of China, those mass production ideologies didn’t make sense for the US due to economic factors. This has also made the unions practically less powerful because industry in the US has moved towards innovation and efficiency. The basic needs of the majority of people are already fulfilled with cheaper product imports from outside. With the outsourcing economy getting a negative impression in public perception, it has catapulted Republicans into reckoning.

Democrats today have been searching for a self identity. Squad has dented their public perception to the hilt. The leftist and Islamist media propaganda has completely overtaken their agenda. Fair immigration policies have been opposed by the Democrats to build an Islamic demographic vote base to support their political ideology. This program was supported by the 44th President of the US. Immigration policies for India, which sends the most productive people to the US, should be on par with Mexico or any other country. The immigration policies against India or Hindus in particular have been heavily influenced by inputs from the Democrats. That the 45th President is trying his best to correct the immigration policies hasn’t gone unnoticed by Hindu Americans. Stanford University political scientist Jonathan A. Rodden has written a book, Why Cities Lose? on the importance of clusters on voting patterns in today’s American electoral landscape. The number of votes does not determine the victory in a state. Clusters actually hinder the winnability of a campaign. A cluster may present itself as a strength to local politics but fails to deliver a larger election. Democrats have created islands of communal clusters across many states. They may win the political narrative amongst the clusters, but not seats. The ideology of nationalism is creeping into most Democrat clusters where the same community is now producing two candidates for electoral politics. This is overall a gift for the Republicans because now there will be a stronger internal division that has the potential to even deliver California Red.

Trump’s re-election campaign has gone online and changing the dynamics of American electioneering like never before. Their strategies on Facebook have been precise and their reach is exact and unmatched by any Presidential candidate today. The effective use of Facebook has strengthened the reach of the President’s re-election campaign down to local elections as well. All republican candidates stand to benefit from this campaign. Brad Parscale has already defined campaign strategy as, ‘We want to know who you are and how you think.’ Their campaign is designed for data collection. With a long term objective, this campaign is laying the foundation for many years of Republican dominance in the country. With USA turning more nationalistic, this is going to be good for all americans. Michael Slaby, who was Barack Obama campaign’s chief technology officer in 2008 and chief integration and innovation officer in 2012, has already called the leftist campaign of democrats as being over confident. The overconfidence and condescending attitude of democrats led them to a loss in 2016 and will also result in a loss in 2020 and beyond.

Democrats have also managed to offend a large and influential Hindu American community. It is easily assumed that democrats may lose at least 10 congressional seats where Indian Americans are big influencers. Hindu Americans have organized themselves in various PACs to ensure their participation in American Elections. In short, the 2020 reelection bid by Trump campaign is bound to succeed.

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