Can we stop asking for something or the other? A change in one’s situation, adding one more new toy,improving a relationship,obedient children, new house, new car, more wealth, deliverance from some diseases or sorrow, the list is endless. We judge ourselves as deserving and then question His dispensation, then pronounce Him as unjust.

Once you call Him “Bhagawan”, don’t you think He knows better? Or do you think that you are a little bit more intelligent than the one who moves the planets and all nature, and that

He needs “advice”! “Our brilliant advice” on how he should run our lives better,because we’re unhappy with some particular situation or happening.

Are we capable of instructing the almighty, the supreme intelligence that runs the show of the Universe?

Limitless is His creation. He is beyond Einsteinium Time and Space. The all powerful, the all knowing, infinite principle is He!

Every philosophy and religion around the world conceptualises Him as such. Realise the blessings bestowed on you! Don’t ask, don’t bargain.

He blesses and takes care of all as they deserve. The ocean doesn’t recognise the wave! It is the wave that cries and complains that it is small, that the bigger one left it alone, or the roller went over it, or that it died! Isn’t that laughable?

Is it not the limited understanding of the wave? Stop begging for a penny, He may be waiting to give you a diamond! “Count your blessings” says the Bible.

Even Yoga Vashishtha imparts a deep message: “Everything is given to the one who doesn’t take anything.” Let go of all, even thoughts. Trust the giver.

Prarthna Saran, President Chinmaya Mission New Delhi.


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