It is in our very nature to query, and gain knowledge. The first part of this nature seeks to understand, and then find ways of increasing community well-being. The second part seeks to manipulate things to suit individual desires, at times causing misery to fellow-beings.

A devotee promised never to question his teacher, that attribute being the guru dakshina, or the devotee’s gift to teacher. The owner of a large boat offers them a free crossing of the river. On board, the teacher cuts a hole in the boat, and they barely make it to the shore. The stunned devotee asks,

“Why?” The teacher reminds of his promise not to question.

At the next town, they find that prosperity has robbed the citizens of compassion and kindness. Visitors are treated as unwelcome guests, only to be robbed. A rich man sets wild dogs on them, and they run for their lives.

As they leave the city gates. the teacher stops and asks the devotee to help him repair a part of the town’s outer wall. As they complete the job, the tormented devotee can take it no more. “You repay the boat owner’s good with evil, and now we answer evil with good,” he said.

“Because the large boat was to be requisitioned by the King to fight an ugly war, which will not happen now. And in this city, there are two good souls, yet very young. The wall contains some treasure, which they will discover later, and using the wealth, become strong to make the city good again,” said the teacher. “You would have seen this too,” he said, “except that you are too full of yourself to flow with the tide.”

Guru Granth Sahib tells us to serve the teacher selflessly, and the Truth shall descend:

To serve the Teacher is difficult, but the most excellent peace it brings:

The Lord casts His glance of Grace, filling us with His love.


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