We all want to succeed in our lives. Success that we want to achieve can be in any form. We want to be rich, famous or may want to excel in just about everything we do. Some are bound to make it big as they have a successful family making it easier for them, maybe not always, while there are others who work hard to achieve it.

To succeed or stay successful you have to put in a lot of effort. It is never gained easily and even if it is, to maintain it, one has to work hard. There are people in this world who have achieved success, there are few who have not.

They are either rich, famous or have gained it in other forms and then there are the ones who are ‘between the two’. Success, achievement, riches are all good but the question is how you get it and at what cost. Destiny bestows upon us our positions in life and what we do with it is up to us.

When you are sitting in your luxurious car and look around, you see an old scooter and therefore, between the two, I think you are better off because you could have been on that scooter. That does not mean you should not aspire or work hard to achieve being in that luxury, but the question again is, what did you do to get it?

What bothers me is how some people try to achieve things in a way that is not right. Parents always want their children to be successful; they want them to be achievers. They firstly should identify the strengths and weaknesses of their child which as parents is possible to do. Don’t push your children beyond their limits or capacities as it will affect the mental state of the child, we often see this happening. Don’t compare them to other children who may be better than them.

Nurture their abilities and let them achieve their capacity. Your child can be the best, but if you compare and criticise, it will affect them. Consider yourself blessed to have a child because there are people in this world who do not have children.

Your child may not be very successful or a big achiever, but there are some children who are not physically or mentally able. Think of all this and be content with what you have because “between the two” you are in a better place. Always make sure your child gets a bright future but do it positively.

It is human nature to think of becoming rich as money is very precious to all of us and it is also one of the most important needs of our lives. Those who are already rich wish to gain more, while those who are not aspire to be rich. How you get there is something one has to decide on their own. Hard work is one of the best ways, but some choose shortcuts which could be negative and wrong, and eventually could prove detrimental in your life.

Sometimes hard work takes time to get you success but it is possible to achieve it. But in life even those who work hard may not become rich because destiny plays a role. This does not mean you do not try, try you must, because if you do not, you may never get what you are supposed to. Whatever you do should be in the right and correct manner because that is the best way to live.

Doing wrong may make you rich but those riches may not last forever. It can be taken away from you by destiny, which has its own way of teaching us the right lessons in life.  There are people who have more money than you do and there are some who do not have what you have.

One must always try to succeed but only if you do it in the right manner, don’t try achieving it the wrong way. If you cannot reach there the good way, it is better to be “Between the Two”.

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