Pravarshan means ‘where the rains pour in abundance!’In all literature around the world, one has never come across such a unique description of the rains like the one in the Kishkindha kand of the Ram Charit Manas. The splendour of the rains evokes poetry in the sensitive heart of Shri Ramji. First and foremost he expresses his heart’s longing for his beloved. The thundering clouds remind him how his delicate Seeta would be missing the protection of his embrace. Ramji says that “without my beloved” my mind fears for her as the thundering clouds declare their thraldom!
Then follows a most detailed spectacle of several word pictures of the rains and the deep thoughts they evoke in Shri Ramji. Lightning flashes in the clouds for a few seconds and disappears, just as the love of a selfish hard-hearted person is never steady nor lasting! Then he shows Lakshmanji how the dark rain heavy clouds always bend low in humility before they shower their pure water to bless the earth with fertility. He then draws a similarity with men of true education and great wisdom who also bless the world by showering their knowledge to dispel ignorance but always give it with great humility and total lack of arrogance. But the rainless clouds ( those of little knowledge) always fly high in their self-importance. The more one knows the more one realises how less one knows! From knowledge springs humility.
Witnessing the tiny raindrops lashing the mighty gigantic mountains reminds Ramji of petty, evil-hearted men throwing insults at great saints who are not in the least affected. Such words are ineffective to disturb the tall majesty of these great saints and are powerless and insignificant like the tiny raindrops.
To be continued…
Prarthna Saran President Chinmaya Mission Delhi.