We have total belief in the word “Science”. So, the moment we hear “scientifically proven” we believe it as the Oracle of the Delphi! Any new idea or concept is not acceptable by fanatical science till tested by their instruments. Instruments however have limitations.The eye cannot hear and the ears cannot smell, and the most powerful of telescopes cannot see love or fathom the mind! Therefore scientific reports keep changing. They recommend a miracle new diet and after sometime they change it to another, also telling you that the previous one was wrong, even harmful! A previous theory was, that brain cells don’t change, now they tell you that those alschange!

Laws and theories that have never been negated are called Vedantic laws. It is a complete science as it is a subjective study of man with relation to his objective environment. The mind governs actions, Vedanta is an extremely scientific and well researched study of the mind’s behaviour. If you want to be happy, you have to choose to be happy. You marry to be happy, you divorce to be happier, then why are you  miserable?

What is inevitable will happen, so “the wise do not grieve” says the Geeta. It is easy to blame God. He will never come to tell you that it is you that messed up . If you think that God messed up, then the capable and intelligent you can set it right?

Sorrow comes from our wrong expectations from others and our insistence on self will. A mind under our orders is our best friend, an uncontrolled mind is suicidal, and is our deadliest enemy. False perception creates a false reality. Vedanta corrects distorted perception, making the thought manufactured sorrows and ghosts vanish.

Prarthna Saran is President, Chinmaya Mission, Delhi.

Email: prarthnasaran@gmail.com

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