Ajay knows that no one can honestly say that temptations do not hound them and entice them to do wrong. We all are tempted because we are not robots or puppets on strings, with no free will. This God given freedom is a precious gift. Although free will makes our wayward behaviour possible yet it also makes possible true love, goodness and freedom.

Temptation is “a seducement to participate in wrongdoing or sinful behaviour which is contrary to God’s will for our lives.” It may have the appearance of an angel of light and look very innocent. Temptation always belittles the real danger and maximizes the imagined gains. They are a threat to our physical and spiritual health.

Ajay was relieved to know that to be tempted is not sin. For sin is opening the door to temptation and inviting and yielding to it. Jesus Christ was tempted in all points such as we are, yet without sin (Heb.4:15,16). Jesus emerged victorious every time.

Ajay knows that sin is like a bait and to escape from it means to flee; because it is impossible to yield to temptation when one is running in the opposite direction. He resists Satan in the name of Christ and he flees away. Satan may be powerful and Ajay in himself is no match for his devious schemes. But, he is not all powerful and he is no match for Christ.

Satan is the father of lies, who ‘walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour” (1 Peter 5:8). He can threaten but he has no authority to carry out his threats on those who trust Christ. He is terrified by the Spirit of God dwelling in a believer’s heart. Ajay has ‘treasured God’s word in his heart so that he may not sin against God’ (Psalm 119:11). Ajay knows living in intimacy with Christ ensures victory and even when he yields to temptation, there is forgiveness when he repents and turns to God.

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