In the freedom of love God created this beautiful world and human beings. We were to be caretakers of creation gifted to us by our Creator. Sadly, we behave as if we are the supreme owners. We left God’s path of love, and history offers tragic proof of our selfish behaviour. We prefer to be labelled spiritual but our self-centred ways painfully witness against us of having polluted the very eco-system that supports life on earth, be it earth, water or air. We have abused our freedoms.
Since the sphere of necessity determines human behaviour, in the face of Covid-19 pandemic, in fear we retreat to our homes, our citadels of safety, enforced by law to preserve life. We have been jolted from our slumber to control nature, to understand it and learn to control it, through science and technology. And progressively move toward self-determination. This first freedom means power over nature. You can’t embrace covid-19 virus or it is not divine.
However, we have abused our freedom of power over nature for evil and destruction of nature from which we need to repent and turn to God for healing of our land. Our behaviour betrays our fallen self, separated from God’s life of love and captive of our greed that oppresses and enslaves people. ‘Divide and rule’ is an old and familiar way of domination.
Let’s remember, beyond necessity and freedom, we need to live in the realm of Good from which moral purposes and values shine. Freedom as lordship destroys community and is a lie. The truth of human freedom is grounded in love that breaks down barriers. This is how Jesus lived and sacrificed Himself to reconcile us with God and one another. It’s in following Jesus’ way of love, service and sacrifice and empowerment of the poor that we will joyfully live and work for the common good, promoting justice and love for all of God’s beautiful creation.