Jesus asked the disciples of John, who started following him when John pointed to Jesus as the Messiah whom they awaited, “What are you seeking?” To seek is to desire, and we desire what we love. When Jesus rose from the dead and saw the weeping Mary, who thought Jesus’ body had been stolen. He asked her, “Whom are you seeking?” Mary was resilient in her pursuit to see Jesus.
What gave Mary real joy was the reality that Jesus was alive and that He had defeated death. The promises He made about giving eternal life were true.
What has captured your imagination? The advertisement industry makes billions of rupees by advertising products. They advertise to create a desire for the new, for our desires apart of God can never be satiated. To seek fulfilment outside the will and ways of God, as clearly stated in the scripture, will never satisfy; in fact, it will leave you thirsting all the more. Addictions often start with small doses taken for fun, which slowly ensnare us as the body begins to demand more.
Satan, the father of lies who comes to steal, kill and destroy, came to Jesus in the wilderness when He fasted for forty days and was physically weak. Satan told Jesus to turn stones into bread as He was God’s Son and could easily satisfy the hunger He experienced. Jesus refused to listen to Satan’s truth and fulfil desires outside the will of God.
Like Mary, let’s be resilient and learn to practice the presence of God. Spend time reading God’s Word, for it purges our ignorance as the Holy Spirit enlightens our hearts and mind. Develop a habit of reading God’s Word both in silence and aloud. As the Word teaches, “The mind of sinful man is death, but the mind controlled by the Spirit is life and peace” (Rom. 8:6). Whom are you seeking, Jesus or sinful desires?