As many are aware, there is not only a raging pandemic but concurrently a SARS2 “Panicodemic”. The worst calculations from the context of establishing the deadliness of the virus that had its biohazard properties boosted in the Wuhan Virological Institute with generous assistance from the US and some other countries was that less than 3% of victims succumbed to the novel coronavirus out of the identified cases, which were a small fraction of the actual number of cases. Many of the deaths during the early period of 2020 were the consequence of measures taken to save lives, many of which had the reverse effect. Although there was constant communication between the WHO leadership and higher authorities in China, for more than two months the messaging that came out of an organisation set up to promote global health were subsequently shown to be less than accurate. Joined by the world’s most famous member of the medical profession, Dr Anthony Fauci, the WHO abruptly changed course after CCP General Secretary Xi Jinping instituted a lockdown of Wuhan and its environs that was as comprehensive as any siege in history. From then onwards, the WHO recommended the complete lockdown of activity across the world. It was assumed in most countries that the WHO had formulated an independent and expert line on the nature and trajectory of the epidemic. Although China was the location where SARS2 made its first appearance, both Beijing and the WHO joined hands in condemning governments that imposed a ban on flights from the PRC. As a consequence, most countries continued to admit such flights, despite authorities in Beijing shutting off domestic travel from and to the locations from where flights were taking off for distant corners of the world. This single action had a more devastating impact on goodwill for the PRC than almost any other decision of the higher leadership of the other superpower of the globe. The WHO appeared to be following a policy of adopting as its own whatever advice was received from Beijing. Country after country went into lockdown mode, with India’s 21-day lockdowns easily winning the world record for the most comprehensive lockdown ever in human history, with over a billion inhabitants deprived of freedoms that they had taken for granted, such as travel by road, sea or air. Apart from those who had the means to work from home through the less than stellar internet service that India has, others lost their jobs. The mismanagement of the bold idea of demonetisation by the RBI in 2016 resulted in a liquidity shortage that proved fatal to the survival of several small and medium enterprises, and consequently to steep falls in employment. Recovery took place as a consequence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi intervening to ensure that liquidity returned to the economy. In 2020, those responsible for devising policies to combat SARS2 were unanimous that lockdown was the only way to rid the country of the pandemic. While the economy decelerated and jobs were shed, the pandemic continued. Although there was similar pressure in 2021 to declare a fresh series of lockdowns, this was resisted by Prime Minister Modi, with the consequence that not only has the pandemic abated but the economy is finally looking up.
The number of deaths attributed to SARS2 is substantial, but it is likely that much more than a billion people would have caught the novel coronavirus that was for reasons unexplained by US or Chinese researchers made more destructive by Gain of Function experiments. It must be assumed that biological warfare was not the motive for such unconscionable experiments on a harmless virus that was most likely made into a killer via the laboratory. In the US at least, it is a sign of the hold of Big Pharma that thus far there have not been Congressional hearings thus far into the sequence of events from 2012 onwards that led to the SARS2 pandemic and its deadly consequences. President Biden seems willing to lose his own and his party’s popularity by refusing to permit a full Congressional investigation into the origin of SARS2. This is apart from the self goal that the 46th President of the US scored by the waffly, weak conclusions drawn by the commission that was set up by him to determine the origins of the pandemic. Its conclusions are such that these have demolished not public ignorance about Covid but confidence in Biden that may harm the Democratic Party in the 2022 midterm polls. In the era of the Panicodemic, India is an example for the rest of the world. Doctors across the country have tested methods of treatment, such that the overwhelming majority of victims do not need to go to hospital but can be treated at home. According to Dr Fauci Thought, the only way to save the world is to produce and use as much of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines as possible. Both may be the miracles that Dr Fauci believes them to be, but neither has been able to prevent a large number of infections even among those doubly vaccinated. It is time to emphasise pharma and not just vaccines, and it is here that India and the US can work together to rid the world of the fear of SARS2. Narendra Modi has learnt well from the painful lessons of 2020, and has made changes to ensure that India is on the cusp of emerging as the source of supply of the combination of vaccines and pharmaceuticals that will eliminate something more crippling than almost every case of SARS2, which is the “panicodemic” that acts to paralyse the will and end hope