With G-20 presidency, India can alert the world to CCP threat.


Washington, DC: 2023 marks three years since the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) unleashed hell with the Wuhan Virus. 2023 is also the year India assumes presidency of the G-20. The world needs India’s leadership now more than ever, for India is the one global superpower that can and will stand up to the CCP’s genocidal dictators.
India resisted the CCP-controlled WHO’s authoritarian mandates and lockdowns, while containing the virus with therapeutics, thus India’s economy and governance fared far better than that of the United States and Europe, which lost trillions—and constitutional rights—due to “pandemic restrictions”. Unlike the vacuous, amoral Western elites, who financed the rise of the 21st century’s totalitarian superpower, India has no illusions about the CCP. For decades, Tibetan refugees in India have exposed the CCP’s depraved persecution and slaughter of its “minority peoples”—Tibetans, Mongols, Uyghurs. India never gets enough credit for hosting multiple refugee communities from numerous conflict zones in Asia and letting them tell their stories to the world.

While US media obsessively reports on the Ukraine conflict, the meltdown raging within Communist China gets a rare mention, and CCP aggression towards its neighbours is wholly ignored. Indian media reports on PLA provocations of Taiwan, nuclear missile silos in Xinjiang and Tibet, a Taliban army soaked with US weaponry plus a new air force, thanks to Joe Biden’s ignominious retreat from Afghanistan, and PLA incursions along the India-Tibet border. In an interview with NewsX, General K.K. Sinha said: “China would not install so many troops on our northern border without intending to strike India. And to strike soon.”

The bonds between the people of India and the US are strong, despite pernicious, methodical India bashing in US media, government and academia, a project of the Sino-Wahhabi network. India’s soft power arsenal, from yoga to Bollywood, trumps turgid Confucius Institute seminars, but now Indian citizens must inexplicably wait three years for a visa interview at a US consulate, whereas China, Pakistan and other nations are spared such stringent restrictions. This unwarranted discrimination against India must be raised with the G-20. India and the US are nominal allies, but the Biden administration makes no effort to conceal or reverse its pro-CCP/anti-India bias, insulting and sanctioning India at every turn while giving the CCP a pass on the pandemic, raiding US pension funds via Wall Street collaborators, flooding the US with Chinese made lethal Fentanyl, now the leading cause of death in the US—this is but a partial list of attacks on US society since the CCP declared their People’s War on the US in 2019. The Biden team’s Soft-on-CCP policies are not aligned with public opinion; national polls show that 9 out of 10 Americans regard the CCP as a mortal threat. The vast majority of Americans are concerned about the invasion at the southern border, the explosion of crime, inflation, food shortages and government-funded pornographic books and shows targeting children in schools and churches. But the Woke extremists in the White House seem impervious to public opinion, protected by a compliant corporate media. A Tibetan monk now living in New York City told me;

“The CCP exported their virus and used it to export their police state. I escaped Chinese Occupied Tibet and was granted asylum in India, where I was never tortured for being a Buddhist. But the US media whitewashes the crimes of the CCP, and you have to wonder why.”

More Americans are asking if the chaos and demoralization of our society is a stratagem of the CCP’s doctrine of “Unrestricted Warfare” deploying simultaneous biological, information and economic warfare. China’s dissident art star Ai Wei Wei, said in an interview to German media that the US was already authoritarian “but you just don’t know it.” Sam Faddis, a US intelligence analyst who served in New Delhi, stated: “The CCP is the greatest threat the US has ever faced. It is aggressively seeking world domination. And we have a government filled with people co-opted by the CCP.”

With the G-20 presidency, India can alert the world to the CCP threat. India’s elites and government are not compromised by decades of deal-making with China’s communist henchmen who think nothing of torturing a child caught with a Bible, Quran or a Dalai Lama pendant, and holding millions in bondage with insane “Covid” rules that change without logic or explanation, and now risk re-infecting the planet with yet another pandemic.

The CCP’s strategy of “elite capture” in the US has been a success, and those who know how the CCP brutalized Tibet, murdered millions in the Great Leap Forward and Cultural Revolution, crushed Hong Kong and butchers the Uyghurs warned this would not end well. In 2023, India will have a platform with the G-20 to speak plainly about facts on the ground in Asia and present its secular republic as a bulwark against the totalitarian People’s Republic of China. At a time when liberty is under attack across the globe, India is a beacon of hope and leadership. On this New Year’s Day, I say Bharat Mata ki Jai.

Maura Moynihan is a New York based journalist and author, specialising in the Chinese Communist occupation of Tibet. Her website is: mauramoynihan.net.