Tennis ace Yuki Bhambri is going through one of the best phases of his life. After scalping world No.22 and defending champion Gael Monfils in the ATP 500 series in Washington he entered the quarter finals with a creditabale three set win over Argentine Gaudio Pella For someone who is currently ranked 222 in the world, defeating Monfils was like scaling the Everest.  Though Yuki lost to South African Kevin Andersson in a tough thee set match on Saturday morning, his run at the Citi Open was nothing short of a miracle. And to think that Yuki had just recovered from an injury makes his achievement even more impressive.

 Aditya Sachdeva, who has been Yuki’s coach for the last 15 years,  he was not surprised about his ward’s  great run. “I been seeing Yuki for a long time now. He’s very talented and has got the game to beat the best. It’s just a case of putting it all together,” said Aditya.

When asked which  aspects of Yuki’s game had improved, Aditya said his ward had improved on two aspects. The first and foremost was the return of serve. “Right now, he (Yuki) is one of the best returners of serve in the world. He puts a lot of pressure on his opponents with his strong returns and I think that’s what makes him so dangerous,” he added.

Yuki’s improved net game was also an improvement in his arsenal felt Aditya. “Of late, Yuki has been charging the net a lot more than he ever did in his career.  In this manner he is able to finish off the points after creating the openings.  Let me also tell you that if one has good volleys, then its difficult to beat that player,”

Aditya who will be travelling to the US shortly to help Yuki’s campaign for the US Open, felt that Yuki was a smart player. “He is quite smart in the sense he knows what his strength and weakness are . He plays well within his limitations and to me that has the trappings of a smart player. You got to be smart when you play the game, “ said Aditya.  

Its also interesting to know that Yuki trains in only two places. That’s in Brandatton, Florida and New Delhi. “ When Yuki is in the US he trains at the Nick Bolleteri’s Academy in Brandatoon. Even before playing in the Washington event, he had gone there and trained for three weeks.  The rest of the time he trains at the Siri Fort Complex in Delhi ,” said Aditya.

Nassir Ahmad and Abhimanyu are the two fitness trainers of Yuki. “Both Nassir and Abhimanyu have played a very crucial role in getting Yuki to the top fitness levels. At the highest level fitness is of prime importance and it is here that both Nassir and Abhimanyu have played a very crucial role,’ felt Aditya.

Adiyta also felt that if Yuki managed to keep his fitness then he would be a different proposition altogether. “I want to say here that if he (Yuki) manages to keep his fitness then he can really go places. Ideally I want him to be fit for 365 days and I can bet that if he manages to do that then he will be a force to reckon with, “ said Aditya.

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