Sushil Kumar was the biggest draw at the auction of the Pro Wrestling League-3 when he was snapped by Delhi Sultans for a whopping sum of Rs 55 lakh. The two-time Olympic medallist, who recently won the National title, showed that he is the hottest property in the country.

The highlight of the championships is the fact that three current world champions—Haji Aliyev, Helen Maroulis, and Petroshivli Geno, will be in action in this blue riband event which kicks off from 9 January.

Another highlight of PWL 3 is the fact that wrestlers from China, France, Hungary, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, and Egypt were part of the auction. In a star-studded field around 20 Olympic & World Championship medalists will be in action in this star-studded event which gets underway from

While Sushil Kumar emerged as the overall highest get, Punjab Royals bagged Georgia’s Petrosivilli Geno for Rs 50 lakh.  

Popular TV Anchor Sahil Khattar conducted the auction of Pro Wrestling League.

Two-time Olympic medal winner Sushil Kumar created history as he received the highest bid to become the costliest player in the Pro Wrestling League season 3 auction. Delhi Sultans bagged him for Rs 55 lakh to get him into the team.

In Indian Players, the second highest bid was for Vinesh Phogat, who was sold for Rs 40 lakh to UP Dangal, followed by Sakshi Malik, Geeta Phogat, Bajrang Punia at Rs 39 lakh, Rs 28 lakh, Rs 25 lakh respectively. Former world champion Hassan Rahimi was bought by Haryana Hammers for Rs 46 lakh. Olympic as well as world champion Helen Maroulis was acquired by Haryana Hammers for a high pitched bid of Rs 44 lakh. Olympic champion from Russia Soslan Ramonov was bought for Rs 38 lakh by Mumbai Maharathi

The following is the list of wrestlers with their respective teams:

Haryana Hammers: Hassan Rahimi (57 kg), Rajnish (65 kg) ,KhetikSabalov (74kg), RubaljeetRangi (92 kg) Sumit (125 kg) Sun Yanan (50 kg), Sarita Mann (62 kg), Pooja (76 kg)

Mumbai Maharathi: Andrei Yatsenco (57 kg), SoslanRamonov (65kg), VirdevGulia, (74 kg) SatyavratKadian (92 kg), Satyendra (125 kg), Simi (59 kg), Sakshi Malik (62 kg) ,Vascon Cynthia (76kg)

UP Dangal : Rahul Aware (57 kg), Bajrang Punia (65kg), AbdurakhmunovBekzod (74 kg), Somvir (92kg), KomeilGhasemi (125 kg), VineshPhogat (50 kg), IsuluTenbekova (57 kg), Geeta Phogat (62 kg), JainitNamit (76 kg)

Delhi Sultans: Sandeep Tomar (57 kg), Haji Aliyev (65kg), Susheel Kumar (74 kg), Alvaro Aslan (92 kg), Hitendra (125kg), MaroiMizen (50kg) Sangeeta Phogat (57kg), Monia (62kg), Samar amer Humza (76kg)

Punjab Royals : Utkarsh Kale (57 kg), BekbulotovIlias (65kg), Jitendra (74 kg) , Mausam Khatri (92 kg), Petroshivli Geno 125 (kg), Nirmala Devi (50 kg), Puja Dhanda (57 kg), CombaLaroc, (76 kg)

Vir Maratha: Sarwan (57kg), Amit Dhankad (65kg), Praveen Rana (74 kg), Geogeykitov (92 kg), Lewenbrienze (125kg) RituPhogat (50 kg), MawraAmri (57 kg), Ritu Malik (62 Kg), NatalayaVarobiva (76kg)


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