For the first time in the history of Cricket World Cup, four matches have been washed off due to rain and the fear is once again looming over England & Wales. While Saturday is expected to be clear, Sunday is forecasted to be marred with flash floods and thunderstorms followed by a hot weather complementing the mid-summer term in the United Kingdom.

The Met department has raised an alarm of 60 hours of torrential rains and thunderstorms covering the entire UK. The spell is expected to begin with Sunday evening which could also be a possible spoil sport for the World Cup, where Pakistan will be playing against South Africa. While the temperature will be soaring with a humid weather, Pakistan will be losing yet another opportunity to offer their fans some sort of relief after a dismal defeat against India, in their last encounter in Old Trafford.

While team India has also been hit by one wash off match against New Zealand, it is to play against West Indies in the coming week on Thursday, which is predictably under dark casting weather. Though team India has remained undefeated in three matches, as of now, this will hit the points table as in case of complete wash off, both teams will be allotted one point each while in case of a delayed match, DLS method shall be applied.

Indian team is not only a favourite for the Indian fans who have booked 70% of their tickets in all team blue matches, but centered in the heart of fans coming from all countries to support their respective teams. India is the next favourite be it England, Afghanistan, Pakistan or any other contender that India is playing this year.

The weather however, can affect the team standing with its point distribution, which is fairly hit by bad weather. While the Yellow Warning has been issued starting from Scotland and can be a serious life threat, England & Wales are still under huge risk followed by power cuts and disruption in daily routines. As reported to The Sun, English Newspaper, Wednesday and Thursday, when India will be playing West Indies, it will be the hottest day of the year so far – with the mercury tipping over the 30C mark which doesn’t implies the halt of downpours.

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