England and Wales are thundering with the positive uproar of fans who have swept the aisles of the British country.


From the young comical star, Momin Saqib, who turned fumes of Pakistan’s loss to flakes of laughter amongst the fans, to Meena, the fan who got lucky with a ball hit by Rohit Sharma’s six and later got awarded with an autographed hat by Sharma and the overnight fan celebrity, Charulata Patel who was all over the news during India Vs Bangladesh at Birmigham, this Cricket this World Cup is decorated by fans, through and through.

With 8,00,000 tickets that went on sale to oversubscribed demands of 2.5 million applied tickets over the course of public ballots, World Cup in UK is swept with colorful spectrum of fans and just fans, standing tall even after the challenges of rain marred United Kingdom. One such on screen eureka for the broadcasters is the octogenarian super fan from Gujarat who turned into a celebrity fan over the night. From on screen appearance on LIVE television during India vs Bangladesh match to having signed deal with Pepsi in just 48 hours, Cricket World Cup 2019 is leading the front with fans battalion.

Charulata Patel, 87, who got the camera panned to her enigmatic passion blowing with vuvuzela in support of Team India got first captured in LIVE television and within the rest four hours got mentioned in ICC’s official social media, former cricketers twitter mentions, gathered an avalanche of tweets by the tweeples and by the end of the match, her charm roped in Captain Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma who walked up to the lady to seek her blessings in fan stands.Though that was just the beginning as the Grandma has now signed a deal with the soft drink giant, Pepsi and is backed with a PR agency and a marketing assistant to manage her sudden celeb status.

Nothing could be more enthralling and obvious to establish the power of fans than the hours bound fame that touched the feet of Charulata who is now an internationally renowned grandma fan and is loved by the fans and eyed by the corporates for future deals.

WhileSheikh of Pakistan’s entry on a horseback to the stadium is not to be forgotten, the joy ride of Pakistani bus on each match to the stadium was quick to pick up fire amongst the headlines when it came to World Cup that occupied the larger space of media coverage. Though the fan spirit got dampened between the Afghanistan Vs Pakistan match in Leeds where fans ran into an ugly fight with each other and messages hovering in the air spewing political venoms, the Sheikh of Pakistan was quick to send out the message loud n clear with his social media tweet to a sports fan group from inside the stadium that clearly mentioned that fans are enjoying to their best in positive spirits and the goons outside are not to be associated anywhere with the name and identity of a fan.

With just few days away to the finals, Cricket World Cup 2019 happening in England & Wales is thundering with the positive uproar of fans who have swept the aisles of the British country with ranking decibels of fan roars and is building up to be even stronger with India likely to play the finals. While the game remains a quest of the legendary trophy, stats and cricketers have taken a backseat in this fan bound Cricket World Cup of 2019.

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