India’s first Arjuna Awardee in motor sport Gaurav Singh Gill will embark on a new mission to make his mark in the FIA World Rally Championship 2, in the Rally of Turkey from 12 September to 15.

Gill will be competing as a registered driver for the first time and will be picking up championship points, making it a huge landmark for Indian motorsport.

“As far as my performance is concerned, I am training very hard. It (the award) has made me a lot hungrier now. My aim now is to win at the level of world championship. I was very close in Australia. I was actually leading in the championship but had some mechanical issues. I would try to win all of my attempts this time for India,” Gill said.

“We will carefully pick and choose the rallies that I will participate in this year, keeping in mind the car, the terrain and my strengths,” he added.

Talking about what the award means to him, he feels that it won’t change him “but the sport will change” and a lot of youngsters will take up the game.

On being asked what needs to be done to make the sport more accessible to everyone, Gill urged for exemption.

“If this happens, it will be a huge boost to the sport. It will make a huge difference. More and more people will take up the sport,” he said.

The 2019 Rally of Turkey will see the drivers cover a total distance of over 988.50 kms with 310.10 kms earmarked for 17 special stages. Most of the stages will be gravel with few of the stages running on concrete tiles and tarmac.

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