New Delhi: A reason to celebrate the long awaited victory has a resounding past of preparations. Such is the case of the National Cricket Performance Centre (NCPC) of England that took more than a decade to build millions of dreams and a super compatible structure apt for emerging England cricketing stars. A spot for Indian contingent practice sessions and most preferred option to refer as best infrastructure, the NCPC has an array of specialties to cater the current talent pool of Cricket.  

Britain has a strong synonym resounding with the sport of Cricket with its glorious emergence tracing back to the British grounds. The recent and maiden World Cup victory by England cherished the soils with the glitter of its metal and sweats of the cricketers who made it to first ever World Cup title in 2019. England, however, have not won it by chance but this is a result of several preparations and facilities laid by the England Cricket Board over the years to transform the physique of Cricket as a sport and its outlay in terms of performance.

The National Cricket Performance Centre (NCPC) is one such master piece of England Cricket Board that laid its foundation in the year 2003 by Her Majesty The Queen on November 14. The multi facilitated Cricket Centre hosts an array of modern class features serving England women and men cricket team with allowing its access to the specially-abled as well with the only aim to give birth to rising England Cricketing stars. With technical, tactical, mental, physical and lifestyle features added to the structure, the training aspects are well met in tandem with the needs of a Cricketer.

Let’s take a look at the facilities provided by the royal bearers:

The NCPC includes six net lanes with full run ups, space for wicket keeper to stand at the back and hawk eye tracking system spread across 70m x 30m hall space.

 The centre is also equipped with hot and cold spas with a fitness and rehabilitation centre, recovery area, changing room, medical room and two extra changing rooms serving the outdoor cricket ground along with two hybrid turf surfaces with 95% natural grass and 5% twister yarn. The NCPC also offers an open plan office, meeting room, seminar room, coach and player’s education room and a dining cum bar area. 

 Meeting with the end to end practice and recreational facilities, the centre also offers fielding area, bowling machines, conditioning and recovering facilities with a hi-tech climate control facility that allows simulating range of conditions.

 The planning process took more than a decade that further took shape in 46 complete weeks with a well thought and chalked out plan meeting end to end needs. With establishing majestic service for the cricketers in the heart of United Kingdom, the NCPC has also been successful in gaining accreditation from the International Cricket Council (ICC) in the year 2014. For becoming an accredited centre for testing suspected illegal bowling actions various assessments fell into the criteria including an indoor space large enough to allow a player to bowl off his or her full run-up, a motion analysis system with a minimum of 12 high speed cameras capable of producing three-dimensional data, suitably qualified personnel, experienced in using such systems, and implementing the ICC testing protocol to which the centre stood tall best suited.

The centre has also been visited by the Indian Cricketing legends, Sachin Tendulkar, VVS Laxman, Yuvraj Singh and many others during a practice session for Test series against England in 2007 as the rain marred venue in Nottingham was not up to the mark with Ravi Shastri being the recent most visitor, 2019, following the Cricket World Cup Tour on the British grounds.

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