The British colonies of England and Wales will not only be known for hosting the prestigious Cricket World Cup but the English culture is upping the ante with first of a kind Elite Athlete Centre and Hotel for Olympic athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

Situated in the heart of Loughborrough, Leicestershire, the Athlete Centre Cum Hotel is surrounded by a thoughtfully crafted sports environment with every inch designed in tandem with the requirements of an athlete.

Having served top athletes and Olympic Champions like Mo Farah, Anthony Joshua and National Cricket team of Pakistan that participated in the Cricket World Cup, the athlete centre also hosts the Women Cricket team of England. It was also witnessed by Indian cricket team coach Ravi Shastri.

Speaking on the facilities provided by the world class centre, Richard Riakporhe, Pro Boxer from UK who is training at the Elite Centre exuberated, “Loughborough is the ultimate destination for any boxer to train in. They have the best possible facilities here. I haven’t seen the altitude rooms here in any other place across the world. They help increase the Red Blood Cells within the body which helps one increase the oxygen levels in the body, which is great for our training here. The food is filled with world class nutrition. Every facility we need is provided here “.

Here are the top picks of the world class athlete centre cum hotel:

Altitude rooms to train and relax  With 20 high end altitude rooms, the athlete centre and hotel is setting a new definition of training decked with high end facilities. With limited number of altitude training centres in first and second world countries, the training centre offers high altitude training area and rooms that allows six hours of sleep to the athlete for better relaxation and acclimatisation that further develops the body and increases the mass of red blood cells. The altitude is set from sea level to 5000m which is that of an Everest base camp. There are 24 other rooms which are equipped with all basic needs for a comfortable living surrounded by track and field views all around.

High performance nutrition and cafe

With focus towards elite athletes and fitness enthusiasts, the elite athlete centre and hotel serves only nutritiously sumptuous meals that are handpicked and cooked by nutritionists. The menu has been written in consultation with the English Institute of Sport where all meals and drinks are in tandem with the needs of an athlete. Since the elite athlete centre and hotel only allows athletes and fitness enthusiasts, there’s zero scope for any other meal requirement other than served under the strict supervision of the nutritionists who are closely monitoring the menu every day for all the meals. The support staff is available 24×7 at the centre to cater the requirements of its guests.

Rest and relaxation room

The centre also houses a dedicated rest and relaxation lounge which is a coach free zone and accessed only by the athletes. The lounge offers high speed internet so that the athletes can recuperate their mental abilities and relax their nerves in restricted area. While there’s no limit on the number of hours for which it can be accessed but the silent area encourages pure recuperation in all means attained by serenity offered by this boutique hotel.

With an upclass training facility, altitude rooms, relaxation lounge and nutritional cafes, the centre also provides facilities like strength and conditioning, physiology and other support that fulfills the requirement of an athlete. The university therefore also gives access to sports students to meet with the sporting legends who are regular visitors to the hotel hence enriching the learning levels as well.

With such hi-tech hospitality services that is fully utilising the university area, sports training facilities are making it easier for the athletes to train in easily accessible and affordable areas that only reflects on international medal tally having the Olympic year round the corner.