Industrialist and Delhi team owner Naveen Jindal believes that the new shorter format of the Indian Arena Polo league will help fans connect better with the sport and understand the game.

A polo field is 300 yards long and 160 yards wide and is close to the size of five football grounds. The new format will see the league being played in five acres.

“A normal polo ground is so big; sometimes it’s happening in one end of the field, and hence people are not able to connect with it. Now that the matches will be happening in smaller grounds, they will be able to connect with it better,” Jindal said at the launch of Indian Arena Polo league.

“To find a normal polo field which is almost 12-13 acres is difficult. This is five acres which is easier to find. The duration is shorter which means one horse could probably play twice. It’s going to be easier and cheaper sport to play. Once it becomes popular, people will be able to enjoy the sport because it happening right in front of them,” he said.

Asked if the league will help popularise the sport in India, he said, “When there are so many leagues going on like cricket, badminton, football, then why not polo? It is one of the oldest sports and the game is India’s gift to the world.”