Q. HP’s brand philosophy is, “Keep Reinventing”. Could you elaborate on this, and on how HP, with each invention, keeps up with this philosophy?

A. At HP, our mission is to engineer experiences that amaze. We understand the evolving customer needs and are constantly focusing on R&D and innovation in our business. We’re reinventing printing, personal systems, and the solutions that will drive growth and transform industries. We can respond faster to the evolving needs of customers who are increasingly mobile, concerned about network and data security, and committed to cost and energy savings. We believe this strategic focus is an important catalyst for accelerated long-term performance, particularly in today’s changing market. Our vision is to create technology that makes life better for everyone, everywhere.

Q. What kind of strategy are you implementing to reach out to new customers?

A. On the basis of our continuous research and consumer insights, we are reinvigorating the consumer/ home printing category, by creating an emotional connect with consumers. One such category is millennials. Millennials are not an age or a group; more of a way of thinking, working and acting. They are the decision-makers of today and future workforce of tomorrow. Millennials are the biggest consumers of technology and are shaping trends in every walk of life. Our objective is to delight customers by making technology easier, enjoyable and affordable—and HP’s print arm is constantly innovating to make this possible.

Q. HP has recently launched HP Sprocket, a pocket-friendly printer which is targeted at millennials and women. Could you tell us about the product and why millennials and women are the consumer groups you’re targeting?

A. HP is reinventing what people are creating through print. In line with this vision and inspired by the creativity of millennials, HP wants to turn printers from a computer accessory into an everyday portal device. HP is pleased to bring our pocket-friendly photo printer Sprocket that will deliver on the experience the millennials need. HP Sprocket helps print photos instantaneously anytime, anywhere (making the print experience more mobile and enable instant gratification by printing in the moment). Millennials appreciate and value printed photos, however, given the limited options, photo printing requires a lot of effort. For consumers, print continues to help people share their feelings and memories and our mission is to get these photos back to real life and see the sun again from the digital jail.

Q. Could you spell out for us HP’s consumer strategy?

A. Our strategy is anchored in disruptive trends in the market, e.g. consumer/commercial blending, millennial mindset, mobility and security. Customers have always been at the center of HP’s product strategy, we ask ourselves every day have we delivered the best possible customer experience through our products, solutions and services or through our sales and service and customer support teams.

Q. What is the relevance of printers in this day and age?

A. The pace of technological advancement has created a crazy rush in the ever-curious netizens of today to go-mobile. No matter how much addictive today’s generation become to their mobile devices, printers will always be necessary, whether at office, home or on the road.  The ongoing need for hard-copy reports, promotional materials, contracts, forms and handouts is unlikely to disappear anytime soon. The print industry is here to stay and maintains its vital role in a robust communication strategy.  In fact, as per the survey conducted by InfoTrends, a leading market research and strategic consulting services company, found that nearly 50% of companies are planning to add printing capabilities for mobile workers. HP is making this experience simple and secure for customers with multiple avenues for printing content from mobile devices, including: touch to print, wireless direct, email, apps and Airprint. We will continue to innovate to adapt to evolving customer needs.

Q. With so many new tech launches and innovations taking place, where do you see the industry headed over the next few years? How do you perceive the recent spate of advancements in technology?

A. What’s really exciting for us is that technology is playing a crucial role in bringing out that potential, in connecting people and services across a vast network of cities and cultures. With the development of the economy and urbanisation of India, the growing number of middle class in the country is driving the consumer spend expansion from many aspects—they are quality/brand/design-conscious, value mobility, fond of online shopping and pay special attention to the environment. Technology and the Internet have empowered us so much today that we want everything in an instant and on-the-go. This has led to an exponential increase in the demand for mobile workforce which in turn has necessitated the appetite for portable printers.

Q. How do you see print technology changing in the coming years?

A. Print technology is evolving at a rapid pace and HP is leading this reinvention. HP is and has been the global leader in printing for more than 30 years. With the industry’s most complete portfolio of innovative solutions for the home, office, and commercial and industrial customers, we continue to introduce the printing capabilities and innovations that are driving the industry forward. Based on consumer insights, the home printing category is focused on not only making printers fun and easy to use but also by creating an emotional connection to printing. The need to provide faster, versatile, affordable, secure and energy efficient printers is driving innovation in the commercial space. To this end, HP is the only company that can offer customers not one, not two, but three printing platforms: inkjet, laser, and PageWide.