Google has been in the news lately. First, for removing scores of apps from the Play Store on account of their not being disabled-friendly. And second, for rolling out several new apps that are already generating massive buzz online, and getting downloaded by millions across the world. In its Android 8.1 avatar, the new Play Store comes with a new and improved user interface. And the apps it now offers are all optimised for the latest Android version, besides being ultra-light and superfast. Presented below are five of the best-performing and most popular Play Store apps, published by Google and other developers earlier this month.  


Google Files Go app is a new files manager app by Google. The app helps to clean up the phone and keep everything on the phone organised. The app recommends users to remove rarely-used apps so that the phone stays speedy and recognizes and helps users to get rid of spam and duplicate images on the phone. It also helps users to find important photos, videos and documents faster and makes easy to share files offline with ease and securely. Files Go is a light up under 6MB and requires Android 5.0 and Up for the installation. Till now the app has got 1,00,000 + downloads and is free on Google Play store.


Amazon Kindle Lite is the new lighter app than the Amazon Kindle app curated for a great reading experience even on slow networks and with erratic connectivity. The app is less than 2MB, works on slow networks, and occupies less space on your smartphone. Users can choose from over four million books from the Kindle Store, from global best sellers to niche titles by Indian authors. Readers son’t have to wait for the eBook to download rather they can start reading instantly. Kindle Lite provides with eBooks and saves last reading position where the reader left reading. Kindle Lite offers books in 5 languages and users can choose from thousands of eBooks in Hindi, Tamil, Gujrati, Marathi and Malayalam. The app also monitors data usage and manage storage. The app also lets users read a sample of the eBook before buying. Amazon Kindle Lite is free on Play Store.


Super Browser is a secure and light web browser that offers privacy and security browsing experience. The app protects the phone from URL safety checking and runs on an incognito mode. The app also runs a AI search for smooth navigation and also cleans the data while exiting the app without leaving behind any cache or cookies. The browser also protects user’s data from malicious websites by showing warning when attempt is made to navigate through dangerous files or sites. The app has had 10,00,000+ downloads until now and is free on Play Store.


MX Player is a video player which comes with HW+ decoder through which hardware acceleration can be applied to the videos. The video player also supports multi-core decoding which help to increase the performance of the app in dual-core devices. The app also comes with the option to Zoom and Pan by pinching and swiping across the screen. The Android player also supports subtitle gestures wherein users can scroll forward and backward or up and down to move the text and zoom in and out to change the size of the text. MX player also comes with the kids lock so that kids can play with other apps on the phone.  The app has had 10,00,00,000+  downloads till now and is free on Play Store.


Modern Combat 5 is developed by eSports and so far has been the best online First Person Shooter game on smartphone. The game comes with stunning graphics, high-powered guns and intense multiplayer action. Users can create squad from 9 class and add their friends into their team and also test their skills on the warfare against online rivals around the world. Users can also play solo and sought their way through from one situation to another. Users can also select different playstyle from assault to bounty hunter and can activate specific skills by earning and spending skill points. The game also offers in-app purchase which costs from Rs 10 to Rs 6,200. The game comes with customizable control so user can customize controls according to their ease. Modern Combat 5 also supports HID game controllers and Moga pro in mode B (HID mode). Modern Combat 5 has had 5,00,00,000 + downloads till now and is free on Play Store.

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