One of the most popular tech platforms in the world, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) opens this Tuesday in Las Vegas, with brands like Google, Samsung and LG expected to make some big announcements here. The annual event is closely watched by industry experts around the globe and is known to set the industry paradigm for the rest of the year. Nintendo’s hugely successful augmented-reality game Pokémon Go, for instance, was first announced at the CES. As were the smart speakers  Amazon Echo and Google Home. So in this latest edition of the CES, slated to be held from 9-12 January, it’s fair to expect unveilings of the same magnitude. These CES 2018 highlights offer us a sense of what might be on the cards. 


5G mobile innovation will enable the successful global roll-out of 5G networks, optimal for self-driving vehicles, breakthroughs in healthcare and smart cities, AR/VR applications for commercial and consumer use, content and entertainment opportunities, IoT data applications and more. And the CES is set to witness the full power of 5G.

“CES is where the entire connected, mobile ecosystem comes together. The impact of 5G is groundbreaking and will accelerate innovation in all of the technologies we showcase at CES, from smart home and appliances, drones and robotics to self-driving vehicles and smart city technologies,” said Gary Shapiro, president and CEO of Consumer Technology Association (CTA) in a press statement.

He further added, “CES is at the forefront of showcasing how the future of connectivity is extending beyond the mobile industry. This combination of communication industry leaders joining forces on the CES keynote stage will present us with a global perspective into how 5G is catalysing growth and binding together our physical and digital worlds.”


The future of smart cities depends on 5G connectivity.

“With global spending on smart cities projected to reach $34.35 billion by 2020, we are excited to announce this dedicated program at CES as the perfect opportunity for companies operating in the smart city space to get together and discuss the future,” said Gary Shapiro, president and CEO, Consumer Technology Association in a CES press statement.

He added, “Deloitte has been a tremendous collaborator as we look at how the rapid growth we are seeing in this area will influence policies, transportation, cities, towns, our industry and the planet.”

“We are witnessing firsthand cities worldwide exploring the opportunities holistic smart city initiatives can create for the public and private sectors, and for the people that live in increasingly connected urban corridors,” said John Skowron, principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP and global smart city leader in CES 2018 press release

“Across North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East city planners, entrepreneurs and business leaders are working in collaboration to make the promises smart cities hold a reality. We are looking forward to working with CTA and bringing these examples—and more—to the CES 2018 Smart Cities stage.” He added.


LG and Samsung will be unveiling their 88-inch 8K OLED TV at the CES 2018. These televisions work on a higher resolution than usual, which means that viewers can sit very close to the screen without seeing pixels and count on a truly cinematic experience. The CES 2018 will also witness an OLED vs QLED battle, which may ramp up a notch as we get our first look at the new TV range for the year. The HDR10+ technology, too, is sure to make headlines, going up against Dolby Vision. LG is also showcasing its Wallpaper TVs and its Crystal Sound OLED, which has a sound system in the television panel itself.


Richard Yu, CEO, Consumer Business Group, Huawei, will be unveiling the future of mobility, especially in the areas of AI, virtual reality and connected technologies.

“Mr. Richard Yu is an industry visionary pioneering the future of mobility,” said Gary Shapiro, president and CEO, CTA. “Under his leadership, Huawei has become a world-class, global brand that represents innovation and the power of connectivity. We look forward to welcoming Mr. Yu back to the CES keynote stage as he shares his vision of our connected world.” He added


Pioneer and Onkyo will together present the Elite Smart Speaker F4 (VA-FW40) at the CES 2018. The speaker is tuned in with Amazon Alexa voice commands and provides updates on traffic, weather, daily reminders and more. It features dual full-range drivers, dual passive bass radiators and DSP switching amplification. The Elite Smart Speaker F4 can play music simultaneously with DTS Play-Fi automatically synchronising the music in every room throughout the house.


Intel Corporation CEO Brian Krzanich will return to the CES keynote stage to deliver the pre-show address on Monday, 8 January. This year he returns with a keynote, where he will explore how we are entering an artificial intelligence revolution and showcase the amazing new experiences that are possible when we unlock the power of data.

“We love hosting Brian Krzanich as a CES keynoter. Not only is he an incredible visionary, but he backs up his visions with action. Intel’s focus on data combined with Brian’s forward-thinking outlook is shaping innovation of the future,” said Gary Shapiro, president and CEO, CTA. “Brian’s fourth keynote at CES will show how Intel is taking the next steps to reimagine how data will create amazing new experiences that will transform daily lives.”


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